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Winter Coats Fashions:
4 Jacket Shapes to Flatter Your Body Type

When winter rolls around, many women dread wearing winter coats because traditionally they add bulk to any body type. While they are meant to keep you warm and ultimately do add a layer or two to your figure, finding a jacket shape that flatters your body shape is possible. When you find a winter coat to flatter your shape, you can stay warm and gorgeous, all at the same time! If you want to stay toasty without looking like a marshmallow this chilly season, use these tips to learn how to pick the best jacket for your body type!

Coats for Apple Shaped Ladies
If you have an apple shape, you carry most of your extra weight in your middle area. This can mean your waist is not clearly defined, so you can use jackets to help you not only stay warm in cold weather, but to also help you define your waist. When looking for a jacket, donít opt for any which add bulk around the waist area, such as ski jackets from Columbia or LL Bean. Also, pay attention to length and never get a short jacket. Instead, look for a fitted jacket that buttons below your bust or jackets with a v-neck cut. A jacket that ties with a belt at the smallest part of your waist will always help you look sleek and slim!

Pear Shaped Ladies Ė Best Jacket Styles
If you are pear shaped, you have larger hips and thighs in comparison with the rest of your body. To flatter your shape, choose coats with details on the collar. Details like a faux fur collar can help draw the eye upward, away from your heaviest areas. You can choose coats wide lapels or detailed sleeves, as well. If you want to further hide your lower body area, choose a winter coat with an empire waist or pleated skirt.

Winter Coats for Curvy Hourglass Shaped Ladies
If youíre a curvy gal, you likely have a full bust, curvy hips and a smaller waist. To get the most flattering look, play up your best features with your jacket choice. A coat that has a belt around your waist can easily highlight your best body area, as can a cropped jacket. However, never wear a baggy coat or an empire waist coat, as they will make you appear boxy and much larger than you already are.

Flattering Jackets for Rectangle Shaped Ladies
If youíre a boxy lady with a more athletic shape, you likely have a smaller bust and fewer curves. When looking for a coat to flatter your body, you may want to look at the junior sizes. While fashion experts rarely guide adult ladies shop to the junior section instead of the misses section, those without many curves can often pull it off. Junior coats will be cut for a smaller bust and hip area, which can benefit you. Look for a chic wrap style coat that can help you look as if you have a fuller bust.

Knowing what looks best on your body shape, whether you are a size small or extra large, is important. Instead of skipping out on wearing a coat because you canít find one that fits comfortably or because youíre afraid it will make you look too bulky, you can look fabulous when you choose winter coats that flatter your shape.

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