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Best 7 Winter Skin Tips: How to Keep Skin Protected & Moisturized in Colder Months

Cold weather can take a big toll on your skin. To avoid skin problems in wintry weather, use these winter skin tips to help your skin looking healthy and radiant all year.

  1. Lighten Your Foundation Shade
    The very first thing you need to do in the winter months is change your makeup shades. There is nothing that will make your complexion look worse than if you have a foundation shade that's too dark for your skin tone. If you're unsure about how to choose the right shade, visit a beauty cosmetic counter at your local mall for professional assistance. If your foundation is all wrong for your skin tone, there's no way your skin will look healthy and radiant!
  1. Upgrade Your Moisturizer
    One of the most common problems women face in winter months is dry skin. When dry skin occurs on the face, it can be embarrassing and annoying. It can make applying makeup difficult and look unattractive. One simple way you can try to avoid dry skin is to upgrade your moisturizer in the winter months. Choose to moisturize using a thicker formula than you'd regularly use in warm weather. Lather it on after your shower in the morning and again in the afternoon, if needed.                         
  1. Don't Forget Sun Protection
    Most women understand that in the summer months, it's important to think about sun protection. However, there are millions who use no sun protection at all during winter months. Whether the sun is brightly shining or not, it's important to use daily sun protection products on your face. The good news is there are many cosmetics on the market that include SPF protection right into their formulas, which makes it simple to protect yourself from sun damage that can lead to signs of aging.
  1. The Power of Exfoliating
    When the weather is warm, chances are you may not exfoliate often. In fact, you may not exfoliate at all unless you're preparing to self-tan. However, during the winter months it's really important to remove the dry cells from your skin. With that in mind, you should do so in a very gentle way. If your skin is super-sensitive, try finding a cleansing product with exfoliating beads built into it or use a warm wash cloth to gently work the skin in circular motions, removing the dead skin cells. Do this at least once a week (or more if you have additional drying).
  1. Night Skin Care Routine
    During the summer, your night skin care routine might include cleansing, toning and using a light moisturizer. However, in winter months things should change. It's vital you continue with cleansing, toning and moisturizing. However, you may want to change to a creamier cleanser, a lighter toner and a heavier moisturizer. In addition, for night time skin care, you may want to use an overnight moisturizing cream to ensure your skin is getting the replenishment it needs while you rest.
  1. Wrap It Up
    One of the worst things for your skin during the winter months is the wind. Wind can make your skin look puffy and red, in no time. It can chap your skin and be extremely painful, as well. To prevent facial wind damage, be sure to wrap yourself up when you leave the house or are going outdoors. You can use a beautiful scarf to get the job done!
  1. Protect Your Hands
    The harsh weather season is not only rough on your facial skin area, but also on your hands. Many women experience cracking I  their knuckle areas, with some suffering with bleeding and unsightly chapping. If you want to avoid having rough, dry, hands all winter, it's important you take care of them just as you would your face. Be sure to dry them completely after they become wet from washing or household chores. To get extra protection, follow up with a hand moisturizer, every time you wash them. Also, never leave the house without wearing a warm pair of mittens or gloves.

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