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Best 4 Winter Hair Tips:
How to Keep Hair Shiny & Healthy in Cold Weather

While a lot of women complain about what heat and humidity can do to the hair during warm weather months, harsh cold weather can wreck just as much havoc! To protect yourself from winter hair tragedies and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy this cold weather season, use these winter hair tips beauty guide information.

  1. Slower Hair Growth, Space Out Your Haircuts
    Hair growth slows dramatically in the winter season. This creates a problem for some women who are trying to grow their hair out, but can also be helpful. If you love to sport a short hair cut, but hate the fact you have to visit the stylist every three weeks to maintain the style, the winter might be a great time to take the plunge. Due to the fact your hair will be growing slower, you may not have to make as many maintenance visits as you would in the warmer months. The same goes for hair dye. Most often, women need to get root touchups less in the winter weather months, which can be a great time to try out a new color, as well.
  1. Controlling Frizz and Static
    One of the biggest complaints from women regarding winter weather and their hair is the problem of frizz and static. Many women dry their hair with a blow dryer and notice it makes their hair very full of static. This can be extremely annoying! However, you can quickly get rid of static with a few simple tricks. First, you can grab a dryer sheet from your laundry room and rub it flat against your hair. This will not only get rid of the static, but it can also leave your hair smelling amazing. If you don't have a dryer sheet handy, you can use a quick spray of ironing starch. If neither of these tricks sound appealing, simply grab your can of hairspray and give your brush a quick spray with it. Then brush your hair as normal. This will also help discharge the static from your hair!
  2. Less Washing, More Conditioner
    Since you're likely not spending as much time outdoors in the winter months and your hair is not picking up as much dirt, you really don't need to wash it as much in the colder weather months. If you have a hard time not washing it everyday, try to rinse it with water instead of using shampoo, every other day. This may help you break the cycle of everyday washing. Of course, winter weather and wind can be rough on hair, so be sure you are conditioning it with a deep conditioner at least every other day, if not everyday. Look for high quality conditioner hair care products from a brand like Paul Mitchell, to ensure your hair is getting what it needs to stay healthy all season.
  3. Extra Steps When Hair Is Wet
    Learning how to treat your hair in the winter can be a challenge. Many people assume their hair should be tended to in the same way, regardless of the season. However, one of the most important times to make changes to your hair care routine, to fit the winter season, is when your hair is wet. In the summer, you can easily let your hair air dry. But, many women are more likely to use heat damaging products like blow dryers and flat irons in the winter months. So, when your hair is wet, be sure you are putting a heat protector product in your hair before you engage in daily drying. Also, add any mousse or volumizing products you may need to help your hair avoid looking flat, before you start to dry it.

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