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Tips for Making Your Wigs Look Believable

Whether you’re wearing a wig because you’ve experienced hair loss or because you simply want to look like someone else, making it look believable is very important. After all, it’s incredibly embarrassing when someone can notice you’re wearing one. While picking a high quality wig might be helpful, even the most expensive wigs from Raquuel Welch or Paula Young can look bad if you’re not wearing it properly. Use these five tips to make your wigs look more believable!

Choose A Wig To Fit Your Face Shape

If you want your wig to look natural, you should choose one to fit your face shape. Whether you try a short or long variety, be sure it complements your facial features. Oval face beauties can wear any style, but those with round faces should choose a longer style with long layers and stay away from bobs. Those with a square face should avoid blunt cut bangs and look best in styles with softer edges. If you have a heart shaped face, be sure to look for a wig without height at the crown or on the sides. Many times a chin length bob looks great with a heart shaped face.

In addition to looking for the right cut, be sure you get a natural color that will match your skin tone. Your natural hair color is a great place to begin, if you’re unsure about which color to choose.

Wear and Fit Your Wig Properly

The best way to start with a wig is to wear a stocking cap over your head before wearing the wig. This will hold your existing hair into place or keep the wig from sliding on a bald head. After you get the cap in place, attach your wig firmly. Some people prefer to use bobby pins and others like wig tape for the attaching process. It’s totally up to you! You can add accessories to your wig, like a lace bow or hairpiece extension to make it look even more realistic.

Trim & Style Your Wig

It may sound crazy, but one of the keys to getting a natural appearing wig is to trim and shape it. You likely want to call on a pro for this, so take your wig to a wig shop or a professional stylist who has experience with wigs.

Dust Your Wig Properely

Unless your wig is made from human hair, chances are it might be very shiny. Less expensive synthetic wigs and costume wigs are often very shiny. To lighten up the shine, you can apply powder with a brush or powder puff. Just be sure to shake out the wig after doing so.

Storing Your Hairpiece

If you don’t want to replace your wig often and want it to stay full, be sure you’re storing it properly. Otherwise, it might look thin while you wear it and you’ll have to change it more often. It’s wise to purchase a wire rack for wig storage. This will help your wig always smell fresh, because it allows air to circulate throughout it.

Overall, if you pick a wig that will complement your face shape and skin tone and then take care of it properly, it will look more natural when you wear it. So, do a little research, think about what you look best in and then always care for your purchase properly.

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