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Top Pros and Cons of Waxing for Hair Removal

Hair removal is something women spend hours a month on, in most cases. In fact, American women focus on hair removal and hygiene more than women of any other culture in the world. Sure, beauty is a priority of American society but is it really effective to spend so much time on shaving? Women looking for a more permanent solution to hair removal are turning to the alternative waxing method to get the results they desire.

Pros of Waxing: Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair Benefits

  • Smooth for Weeks - Waxing can result in your skin feeling smooth and sleek, for weeks at a time. While many women routinely wax their eye brow areas, facial areas and lip, others are turning to waxing for their leg hair, arm hair or overall body hair. In addition, men are seeking out back waxing treatments.

  • Reduces Regrowth Over Time - The major advantages which accompany waxing include the fact waxing removes hair for longer periods of time than traditional shaving can. A proper waxing procedure can remove hair for weeks at a time, with minimal re-growth. For those who don’t want to deal with facial hair or their bikini line on a daily basis, waxing offers the opportunity to deal with it once a month or even longer in some cases. While waxing does cost more than a one time shave, when the monthly cost of razors and cream are added into the equation, it can be just as cost efficient.

  • No Daily Shaving When on Vacation - Waxing is an ideal choice for those who are in swimsuits often, those who are planning to go on a vacation or those who simply don’t have time for daily shaving. Imagine being able to sleep an extra thirty minutes a day because you didn’t have to shave! However, be sure if you do get waxing before a vacation, you do so about a week before you leave so the sun and sand won’t irritate a new wax job.

Cons of Waxing for Hair Removal

  • Ouch! It Does Hurt - Waxing is a convenient way to keep unwanted hair from your body, however it does come with some disadvantages. First, it’s painful. Depending on what body part you’re getting waxed, the process can be brutal. This depilatory method is great for something like a lip or for the popular Brazilian wax, but when doing large areas like legs or the back, it can be lengthy and painful.

  • Ingrown Hairs & Allergic Reactions - In addition, waxing can lead to complications. If proper preparation is not followed before the waxing session, ingrown hairs may occur. Those with sensitive skin might also experience allergic reactions to the process, which can be very bothersome. To prepare for a wax session, it’s important to exfoliate and be sure you’re not allergic to the wax being used. You can always ask your wax expert to do a small section of your body, go home and wait for a few days to see if a reaction takes place and then return for the rest of the treatment if you’re in the clear. This way you’ll not be exposing a large part of your body to risk of allergic reaction, if you’re susceptible to them.

  • On Going Costs Can Get Expensive - Whether you choose to wax or not is certainly completely up to you and your personal needs and desires. While many women choose to splurge on it before a vacation, others commit to a monthly waxing session. Waxing can be more expensive and more painful than daily shaving. However, it certainly saves you time in the shower and the results last for much longer then a traditional shaving session.

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