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Long Lasting Waterproof Makeup Products:
Tips on Smudge & Sweat Proof Cosmetics for Lips, Eyes & Face

Waterproof makeup products are the best way to wear mascara, eyeliner and foundation because they stay put until you're ready to remove them. After all, nobody wears makeup only to have to reapply it! But sometimes we forget that water proof cosmetics are such a great option. Swimmers, models, runners and travelers know that sweatproof, smudge proof and water proof makeup products make a lot of sense, but the rest of us need to be reminded to use them. The question isn't so much, 'Why do some people wear waterproof makeup?" It's "Why don't we all?"

Waterproof Makeup Can Last Long Without Causing Breakouts

Some people worry that waterproof makeup products will stress the skin or clog the pores, but modern make up technology has created lines of liquid eyeliner, nontoxic cosmetic foundations and even stage makeup designed to go on smoothly, stay on endlessly and disappear without a trace when you take them off. You can find waterproof makeup with sunscreen, and these days, SPF is a non-negotiable, either in your makeup or under it. Scar makeup is a prime example of excellent modern day waterproof makeup: if you really want to conceal, you want it to last, and new scar concealing body makeups do the job.

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Do you have the right makeup remover to remove your waterproof make-up at then end of the day?

Cool stream humidifier Wearing water proof, smudge proof or sweat proof cosmetics means that you'll look great all day or all night. But you still have to remove your makeup to let your skin breathe! Before you go to bed, take the time you need to carefully remove every bit of makeup from your face—foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner and shadow, lip color. Take it all off with your favorite waterproof makeup remover and follow it up with toner or moisturizer, depending on your skin type. Leaving makeup on overnight can cause clogged pores, breakouts and grubby pillow cases, so stay up three minutes longer and get your face clean before going to bed.

Learn how to gently remove your waterproof make-up.

Smudge-Proof Lipsticks and Lip Liners Have All Day Wear

Water proof makeup products for lips include tubes of lipstick, boxes of lip color and even lip paints. If you first cover the lips with foundation, you can get a smooth primer coat for lining the lips and then filling them in with color. If you use waterproof foundation as well as lip color, you have an even better chance of keeping your lip color on all day without needing to refresh it. Color, blend, blot and reapply for a perfect mouth. Using waterproof, smudge proof lip color means you won't have to worry about losing your lipstick over an important lunch meeting.

Waterproof Mascara that Doesn't Run on a Hot Day or From a Good Cry

Water proof eye products are especially terrific because our eyes tend to water, to get rubbed and to be generally irritated more than the rest of our faces. People who wear contact lenses have a difficult time not touching their eyes: they need eye makeup that can stand up to a little rub now and then. Ordinary eye cosmetics can cause problems for lens wearers because non water proof products tend to flake, smear or run, getting into sensitive eyes and ruining delicate lenses. Because lens wearers are more susceptible to eye infections, scratches and sensitivities, they should only wear eye makeup designated for them. There are companies that specialize in eye makeup and eye makeup remover for contact lens wearers.

Some makeup can work on more than one area: women have even been known to use a smudged lip liner for a soft pink eye shadow. Eyeliner pencil in a waterproof formula can be made to do double duty as eye shadow in a pinch, but if you buy a bag for your waterproof makeup products, you can carry more with you than a pencil or two to make the change from everyday makeup to something more glamorous for nighttime.

Waterproof Eye Shadows Can Stand a Humid Day without Rubbing Off

Waterproof eye shadow means not having to reapply partway through an evening at a hot, crowded club, and since those places never have decent mirrors, you'd better plan to go home with the same makeup you wore in. Many women prefer cream eyeliner and shadow because it goes on more smoothly, but you can also set it more securely with powder. Waterproof cream to powder eyeliner is a powerful makeup combination: getting your eye makeup in waterproof forms is a great way to beat summer heat, winter rains and raccoon eyes at the end of a long day.

Removing Waterproof Cosmetics Takes More Than Soap and Water

When it comes to removing waterproof makeup, you have a number of choices. If you're the old fashioned type, you can start with baby oil, but it doesn't have the wonderful cosmeceutical properties of more modern approaches. You can find makeup remover with green tea extract, Vitamin E, and moisturizers of all sorts. There are very mild eye makeup removers made with coconut oil and stronger all over makeup removers for stage makeup.

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