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Removing Unwanted Female Facial Hair:
How to Remove Hair on the Jaw, Chin & Upper Lip

What causes facial hair in women? The same hormones that cause it in men. Let's face it: we're a hairy breed. And in the all too human world of beauty, we value smooth, hairless skin. Our hormones create hair, even in the female of the species, and as women we spend a lot of time fighting Nature to please Fashion. Removing facial hair is an issue for women all over the world: even in ancient times, women used hot honey and tree saps to remove unwanted hair from the jaw line, upper lip, eyebrows and chin.

Waxing Unwanted Facial Hair

Today, waxing is still a popular hair removal option: it's relatively inexpensive, more thorough than plucking individual hairs with tweezers and can be done any time. Hot wax kits consist of a "wax" made of sugar or honey, (this is called "sugaring"), beeswax or resin. The easiest way to do waxing at home is to buy a microwavable wax, apply with a wooden spatula, then spread with a strip of cotton muslin and pull off the wax along with the offending hair. But, if you don't have the patience to melt the wax slowly at the recommended power setting, stir it thoroughly, test a tiny bit on the tip of your finger and ascertain whether it's too hot, you shouldn't do that kind of waxing because you run the risk of getting badly burned. Microwaves work hot and fast, and the wax must be carefully watched, timed, stirred, and tested before applying. It takes patience.

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Tired of Tweezing or Plucking?  Try Natural Hair Removal Gel

Many women have unwanted facial hair on their jaw, chin, or lip.  Women have hair-producing hormones, just like men, some have it worse than others!  Especially as women get older, unwanted facial hair can become more of an annoying beauty problem.  Checking every day in the mirror and plucking or tweezing as necessary gets old.  Home waxing is painful and very messy.  Using a natural hair removal gel can not only avoid the mess and the pain of waxing, but the natural ingredients remove hair directly from the root and give you professional results.  Natural hair removal gels will leave your skin moisturized and smooth—as well as hairless!  Natural hair removal can leave your skin hair free for up to six weeks, and it’s perfect to use on not only your face, but your underarms or bikini line, too. 

Get that summer body smooth and hair-free and ready for the beach!

Bleaching Upper Lip Hair to Reduce its Appearance

Another popular at-home hair removal method is bleach. You can buy cream bleaching creams that are mixed with an activator and then applied to the facial hair. You cannot use cream bleaches on eyebrows or anywhere near your eyes—if they get in your eyes, you can go blind. Some people may experience facial redness or sensitivity from bleaching, so it's a good idea to do a 24 hour test patch first. But if the bleach doesn't bother your skin, and if you use it weekly, you'll not only be rendering facial hair more invisible, after awhile it will become fragile and start to break off, lessening its appearance even more.

Shaving is not a best practice for removing facial hair

Some people wonder how to remove facial hair by shaving, and this is a good place to say that shaving is a bad idea. It will leave stubble, and the only thing worse than facial hair is facial stubble. Forget shaving anything on your face.

Electrolysis is permanent removal, but become an old technique

Electrolysis has long been considered a good way to remove hair permanently, but it's pretty much a bygone era at this point. Electrolysis is permanent, but it may cause pinpoint scarring; it's expensive and it hurts like blue blazes. Treatments can also cause redness and swelling or breakouts, and you risk infection (all of which are temporary). Scrap electrolysis: if you want permanent hair removal and can afford it, the thing to do is laser hair removal. Unlike electrolysis, there are no needles involved; pain is practically non-existent, any redness disappears in an hour or so, and it really works. Laser hair removal is the best remover on the planet: thousands of Brazilian bikini lines can't be wrong! Just keep in mind that laser hair removal works better on darker brunette hair than it does blonde. You will need multiple laser hair removal treatments over many months in order to be hair free.

Threading is similar to plucking, but currently trendy

Threading is a newly rediscovered method of hair removal that can't hold a candle to laser hair removal, but it has its uses because it's cheaper. It's basically hair plucking, only it's done with a thread that's rolled across the skin, catching the hair and pulling it out. It's trendy and you'll pay more for it than by going to a beautician for a tweezing session because it takes special training. Frankly, most of us don't see the point.

Gotta Have a Great Pair of Tweezers for the Daily Upkeep

For cheap, fast daily hair removal at home, you've got to have a pair of decent slant tip tweezers. They aren't as easy to find as they should be! They must be properly balanced: the cheapo $2 no-name tweezers you get at the supermarket are never balanced enough to get the job done. Buy tweezers from a reputable company like Revlon, and then guard them with your life.

Overview of Tips for Removing Facial Hair

  • Waxing is popular, low cost hair removal option that can be done at home or by a professional. Results last several weeks, but you will need to let it grow out a bit before you can wax again.

  • Bleaching at home can reduce the appearance of facial hair. Many women bleach the hair on their upper lip as part of their regular beauty regimen.

  • DON'T SHAVE your unwanted facial hair because you may get stubble.

  • Electrolysis is permanent, but is expensive and painful.

  • Laser hair removal can also have permanent results, but is expensive, doesn't work great on light hair and takes multiple sessions to complete.

  • Threading is a fancy way of plucking the rouge hairs.

  • Tweezing is simple, cheap and with daily upkeep should be manageable.

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