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Beauty Packing Travel Check List and Tips for Carry On Luggage

Once, long ago, airplane travel was done luxuriously, in spacious aircraft with curving stairways that led from first class to the piano lounge, or in Pullman trains with lace frothing every mahogany molding while leaded-glass lamps cast a soft glow over the faces of well-heeled travelers and solicitous waitpersons alike. Travel was gigantic trunks on European steamships, dressing for dinner with the captain and champagne with every meal.

Okay, that's not entirely true. For the ninety-eight percent of the population that didn't come from money, travel meant bouncing along in a buckboard, sweltering and vomiting in the smelly, overcrowded hold of a ship for months on end, or flinging yourself onto a moving boxcar and praying you didn't end up under the iron wheels.

Cheap Airplane Travel Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Your Beauty and Comfort

The interesting thing is, even in these advanced times, unless you do happen to have "money" and travel ultra-platinum-first-class, your trip to Hawaii on a crowded, coach-class, super-saver-fare flight may make you long for the days when the cheapest tickets could be had by sleeping on the ship's deck. At least there was fresh air and elbow-room, and you expected to bring your own sandwiches along.

Making Your Own Travel Packing List Before Vacation

Before you take a vacation, making a travel packing list always involves making many decisions. What must you have with you in you carry on luggage in case your other suitcases wind up in South Dakota? What do you need for in-air comfort? What are the nice-to-have items that can come along if the rest of your travel luggage is sufficiently pared down?

Beauty Carry On Luggage Packing Checklist

I'm including my packing checklist of tips of must-have items for beauty and health in your carry on luggage on your next vacation or business trip.

  1. Quality Carry on Travel Luggage
    Of course, you're going to have to have something to put your things in. I have a friend who had been traveling with the same purple nylon suitcase she's had since 1991 when her borrowed, wheeled suitcase broke down on the steps of the Stockholm airport, and she had to replace it with a $20 piece of baggage from the nearest department store. As of 2004, it had holes on some of the pouches and rips in others, so she packed her socks in the holey compartments, and books in the ripped ones. It looked pretty disreputable and made her look tacky, so she finally decided to shop for some grown-up luggage at an online discount luggage website and throw the old bag out before it makes her look like an old bag herself. See the new carry on luggage my friend bought.

    If you are in the market for new luggage or a suite case these are some brands try : Tumi, Travel Pro. These are all very high quality manufacturers and their luggage should last for a lifetime of travel for the average vacation traveler.

    --Editors Tip ------------------------------------------------------------------

    Why You Should Invest in a Quality Piece of Carry on Luggage

    Quality LuggageTrust me, I am a bargain hunter just like you (and all the other women on the planet). I shop at the popular discount stores looking for a deal, but not on my luggage. I recently purchased my first set of quality luggage and I absolutely love it and found it to be worth every penny.

  2. Higher quality luggage is made from fabric and materials that can take the hussel and bussel of traveling. Plus, quality luggage pieces have more storage compartments and partitions to keep your items organized and easily accessible. For a carry-on luggage piece that you might use on a business trip, a quality luggage piece can help pull an outfit together rather than looking ratty with some old discount duffel bag. My advice . . spend the extra money on a quality luggage item or carry on bag. It's an investment you will appreciate over many years.
  3. In case you were curious, here is the Travelpro luggage set I purchased at Luggage Pros. You will find many other styles of classic luggage and carry on bags with all the quality bells and whistles that make packing a breeze.

  4. Bottled Water
    If you can only bring one thing on the plane, make it a bottle of drinking water. I know they serve water on planes, but it rarely comes often enough, and it's usually in a small cup. Bring a liter of water or more. As well as being hydrated during the flight, in a pinch, you can also use it for in-seat freshening-up.

  5. Moistened towelettes
    When I convince myself that I don't need wet-wipes (usually because I'm too lazy to get to the drugstore before leaving town), I always regret it. They're great for a quick face-wash, for wiping the handle in a questionable ladies bathroom, for stain-removal on-the-go. They remove newsprint and cashew oil and salt from hands. They smell nice and provide a quick, easy pick-me-up on long journeys. Nowadays, they come in anti-bacterial and travel versions, so if those don't irritate your skin, you can also have a little more germ-control than otherwise. I like the Splash 'n Go! Alcohol Free Hand and Face Wipes by Kleenex. You get a bunch of them for a low price, and they smell nice.

  6. Reading Material
    Waiting an hour or two on the ground while pilots decide whether that blinking warning light is important or not can be whiled away with a good best-seller book or a really large, heavy womens fashion magazine. It's always tempting to omit reading material because it's heavy, but I place the importance of a good book right alongside the bottle of water.

  7. Facial Tissues
    You can never have enough soft, versatile paper products.

  8. Vitamins
    The week before you start your trip, make sure and take your vitamins. Or you can try taking a vitamin product, called Airborne, starting 3 days before your airplane flight. Air travel in particular makes people sick because on a plane of 300, at least three people are going to have colds or the flu. Besides that, people from different places carry different germs. Something that doesn't bother me at all may make you sick as a dog. So load up on vitamins, drink lots of water and do all the right things in terms of nutrition and exercise before taking a trip, to maximize your immune functions.

  9. Moisturizer
    A day spent in the forced air of a plane and air conditioning in airports will dry out your skin like two weeks in the desert. Moisturizer is an absolute must, to be applied before you leave home and every three hours or so afterwards. Augment your moisturizer with a small atomizer filled with Evian water, that you can use to lightly mist and refresh your skin during the flight.

  10. Toothbrush and toothpaste
    Nothing freshens a person up like a good, two-minute tooth-brushing. Buy a travel-sized tube of toothpaste and carry it inside a small zip lock bag in case it opens up during the flight. You can also try the new Brush-Ups from Crest. They easily stored in a purse or wallet.

    Carry your toothbrush in a plastic bag too, so that wet bristles don't get the other contents of your bag soggy. (They make special toothbrush-carriers, in case the zip lock toothbrush bag doesn't appeal to you).

  11. Chewing gum or breath mints
    For moments when you can't get to the toothbrushing station, gum is the answer. It's also useful for alleviating pressure in the ears, and can be used to sweeten up the occupant of the seat next to yours. It banishes coffee breath and is useful as an ice-breaker (as in, "Would you like a piece of gum?") When the child behind you starts kicking your seat, gnashing your teeth on a crunchy-coated piece of Dentyne Ice gives you a couple of minutes to think about what you'd like to do next, since it's not considered correct to slap someone else's child ,no matter what a brat it's being.

  12. Snacks
    Even on short hops, a flight without food is a sad stretch of time. Some longer flights now aren't serving more than a small (as in a bag of peanuts) snack. I usually bring salted nuts, in direct contradiction to every in-flight magazine's advice to avoid salt on flights. I love nuts, and if my ankles swell a little more, I don't much care. I also bring dark chocolate, the New Moon 74% dark chocolate by Dagoba, (those lovely polyphenols have antioxidant properties that do something to free radicals that helps prevent cancer. More about that later) and often, fruit. If you really have your act together before leaving your kitchen, sliced fresh fruit in a Tupperware (with a dash of white wine if you can manage it) can add a feeling of luxury to a coach-class flight.

  13. Eyedrops or contact lens case and saline
    For contact wearers, extra saline, a case, and a pair of glasses are important. The dry air of the plane can wreck your contacts and give you bleary, bloodshot eyes. A friend who wear contacts says she usually takes her contacts out partway through the flight, and puts them in again ten minutes before landing. If you don't wear contacts, eyedrops can moisten your eyes and prevent them from burning.

  14. Clean socks
    A pair of clean socks in your bag means that no matter how hot and sweaty (or cold and clammy) your feet got getting to the plane, you can slip off your shoes, put on clean, dry socks and relax throughout the flight with dry, comfortable feet without adding anything funky to the general airplane ambiance.

  15. Sweater or Light Jacket
    At some point during your trip, you're going to get cold. I don't care if you're going to Brazil in July, either the airplane will be 58 degrees, or the airport will have the air conditioning going full blast when you arrive. If by some miracle you don't need to wear your sweater, you can roll it up and put it under your neck as a fluffy substitute for the flat airplane seat pillow.

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