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Top 8 Travel Beauty Tips:
How to Look Great After a Long Drive or Flight

Traveling can be extremely exciting! However, your skin and hair can look less than wonderful after a long car drive or flight. Not only can traveling be physically exhausting, but it can have a bad affect on your skin. But, there are things you can do to ensure youíre looking fresh when you arrive to your destination. Use these travel beauty tips to learn how to look great after any long drive or flight!
  1. Use the Right Moisturizer: When traveling by plane, the humidity is almost always around 10% in the cabin. Because this is extremely low, your skin and hair will experience automatic dehydration. To help avoid affects of this from the get-go, be sure to use a water-rich moisturizer all day before you get on the plane. Oil based moisturizers wonít be as helpful. Using moisturizer will help your skin retain moisture and will help you look renewed when you arrive.

  2. Stay Hydrated: Whether youíre traveling in a car or via plane, itís also important to drink a lot of water during your trip. Staying hydrated can be an easy way to look fresh after traveling, without the need for any special products or makeup. This can be a challenge if youíre on a road trip and may require more restroom stops. But, your skin will thank you for it later!

  3. Wear Less Makeup: Donít feel the need to get on a plane or in a car for a long trip, with full makeup on. Itís best to wear little to no makeup during the longest part of your journey. Once you are almost at your destination, use a portable compact mirror to apply a little powder, eye makeup and lip gloss. You can even find mini mirrors at places like Nordstrom with an electric battery, which will allow you to apply makeup even in dim lighting.

  4. Choose your clothing wisely: Never wear clothes that wrinkle easily. Itís a good idea to choose dark colors that wonít show any spills or stains, as well. Many people also choose to keep a spare shirt in their purse or carryon bag, just in case. A lot of ladies use this time to try out new scarves and hats, as well.

  5. Take a Nap: If youíre planning to take a nap while traveling, be sure to tuck a small sleep mask in your bag. Youíll get more sleep if the light is blocked by the mask and avoid pesky under eye bags due to lack of rest.

  6. Pack Baby Wipes: If youíre concerned about feeling unclean after a lengthy flight or car ride, be sure to carry some baby wipes with you to use when youíve gotten to or almost gotten to your destination.

  7. Forgo the Hair Products: Itís best on your hair if you travel with it clean and free of product. When you have style products in your hair and dehydration occurs, it can be more damaging to your hair. Simply wash your hair the night before or the morning of your traveling and tie it back in a loose braid or ponytail to keep it clean and out of your way.

  8. Freshen Up Just Before Landing: Once you know youíre almost at your destination, be sure to hit the restroom with a small bag filled with toiletries like a travel size brush, a tooth brush, deodorant and hair accessories. Freshen up as much as you can, to allow yourself to feel renewed before your traveling ends.

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