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How to Tie Scarves:
Wearing a Scarf in 6 Fashionable Ways

Many women steer clear of scarves in the winter because they’re intimidated by them and have no idea how to tie them properly. However, the scarf is one of the trendiest accessories this season and learning how to wear one can help you add style and sophistication to any outfit, quickly. It can be worn with your favorite black dress or even your favorite t-shirt! Even the simplest outfit can look like high fashion if you add a scarf to your neck. Be sure to keep a wide variety of scarves in your closest, from pashmina to silk, so you can be ready for all occasions. If you want more instruction or a guide on how to wear ladies scarves, check out these easy tips for wearing ladies scarves!

Scarves Don’t Have to Stay on the Neck: Other Places to Wear Scarves

While the neck is the most popular place to wear a scarf, there are many others places you can sport one and different ways to tie them. You can wear it around your head or even as a belt. Tying a scarf around your waist can make your waist look slimmer, instantly. Simply fold the scarf in half and drape it around your hip area. If you like the wraps or shawl look, wear one draped or tied around your shoulders for extra warmth.

Basic Loop Scarf Tie

Tips on Tying a Scarf Around the Neck

You can look chic and sleek by wearing your neck scarf this season and learning the different ways to wear them. There are many ways to tie a scarf, so be sure you find the way that most fits your style. Lightweight silk scarves are best worn with a scarf pin to secure them. Using a brooch or scarf pin can also be a great way to add even more class to your outfit. If you don’t like scarf pins or a clip, you can always go Grace Kelly and wear it across the front of the neck, bringing one end around to fall down your side. Designer silk scarves look terrific worn in this way. You can also tie thicker scarves, or simply wear them long, with the fringe draping around your neck.

Video Showing Unique Ways to Tie a Scarf

Basic "Half Fold" Scarf Tying

Tying a Winter Cashmere Scarf

If you need extra warmth this cold winter season, a wool or cashmere winter scarf is the perfect fashion accessory and can mesh with various styles of clothing. Wear it well by folding the scarf in half and placing it around your neck, with one end on each side of your neck. Next, take the ends and flip them through the fold of the scarf. Pull the ends as tight as you’d like, around you neck. You can tuck the ends in your coat or let them hang freely for a very hip look.

Tied Scarf as a Hair Accesory

Making a Scarf into a Hair Accessory

If you want to get even trendier with your scarf, you can make it into a hair accessory. Start with a large square scarf and fold in into a half forming a triangle. Tie it around your neck loosely and allow it to hang dramatically off one shoulder.

You can also cover your head with a large scarf, to hold your hair in place while riding in a convertible. Simply tie the scarf under your chin for a fashionable retro look. Those who are really fashion-forward might like to try their scarf out as a Turban. You can do this by folding the square scarf into a triangle and then folding the edge under the forehead area of the scarf. Cross the two scarf ends and tie them on top of your head.

Casual, Multiple Knots Scarf

Pairing a Large
Linen Scarf with a Winter Coat

A winter scarf doesn't have to be only wool and functional. A winter scarf can be fashionable, colorful and an accessory to your coat. Here's how to get the scarf tied like the look to the left:
  1. Wrap a colorful scarf around your neck from the front to back.

  2. Leave some slack in the scarf as it comes around the front of your neck.

  3. Wrap once around the back of you neck.

  4. Bring the two ends forward.

  5. Tie the two ends in a loose, double knot.

Silk "Office Appropriate" Wrapped Neck Scarf

Tie a Silk Scarf with
Your Favorite Business Causal Outfit

Business causal attire can sometimes feel drab in tones on grays, blacks, browns, tans, and whites. Your can easily and inexpensively spruce up your office looks with a colorful silk scarf tied to perfection. Here's how you can get the scarf look to the left:
  1. Wrap scarf snuggly around neck from front to back.

  2. Wrap once around back of neck and bring two ends forward.

  3. Tie the two ends in one loose, over hand knot.

  4. Then adjust the ends so one lays on top of the other. One will lay on top of the tie and the other will be on the bottom of the tie.

Loose Bow Tied Scarf
for the Office

Tying a Scarf for the Office: Short Slik Scarf

Add some style to any office outfit with a colorful scarf tied in a unique way. To get the scarf look to the left, follow the instructions below:
  1. Snuggly wrap a scarf from one side of the neck to the other.

  2. Tie one over hand knot.

  3. Now tie a loose, but small, bow.

  4. Adjust the bow so it points up and the ties hang down.

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