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Women in Thier 30's:
Thiries Beauty Tips On Age Appropriate Makeup Styles & Skin Care

If you are in your thirties already or if you’ll soon be celebrating your 30th birthday, chances are you feel as if life is passing by quickly. You can probably look back ten years to when you were 20 years old, wonder where the time has gone and likely giggle at your hair style and skin care routine. You likely were like most other 20-somethings and wore way too much make up, thought very little about wrinkles, sun damage or sagging skin and did almost nothing to preserve your young skin.

Best Things About Skin When You Turn 30 & Leaving the 20s

You may not be very excited about turning thirty but there are several things to look forward to in terms of skin and beauty. In fact, most of the time the issue of youth acne leaves your worries when you are in your thirtys. On another note, as you mature and leave the days of late nights and very little sleep behind you, bags under your eyes might be long over as well. Women in their 30s are often much more conscious about staying hydrated and often worry less as they learn about their meaning of life in the world and the lack of stress and extra hydration often shows positively in their skin.

Although you are far from “old”, there are a few things you should know as you enter your next decade of life. Just as you would no longer feel comfortable wearing skimpy shorts after the age of 35, you should also be thoughtful about your makeup as you age. Your facial skin is changing, just as the rest of your body is.

Skin Care: Women In Their 30’s

By the time you’re in your 30’s, chances are you are starting to show some of the signs of sun damage on your face. You may notice fine lines or dark spots as your face is becoming thinner and more delicate. If you don’t take any other advice, remember that using anti-aging products and a daily eye cream is important for you to prevent further damage to your skin. Since the eye area is the most common place women in their 30’s start to see signs of aging, be sure to focus a great deal of preventative attention there. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a wrinkle crisis by the time you celebrate your 40th birthday.

Age Appropriate Makeup Styles and Cosmetics for the Thirties

When choosing makeup products, it’s important to think about finding products to know only get the look you want but also to protect and nourish your skin. Find a foundation with a built in SPF so you can be sure your face is automatically protected from sun damage every single day. Also be sure to put sunscreen of some sort on your neck and hands.

As you age your skin might lose its glow and radiance so look for an illuminating foundation to give yourself a natural glow. You can also find illuminating highlighting powder or concealer for extra effects. Simply sweep the illuminating powder on your forehead and on the apples of your cheeks. Words of wisdom: Don’t overdo it with the illuminating powder. If you go overboard you’ll find yourself looking as if you stepped into a pile of fairy dust. Always apply the illuminator before your blush.

Blush should be understated when you’re in your 30’s. A cream blush might help if your skin is becoming a bit drier. Keep blush on the apples of your cheeks to give you a youthful glow much like you might naturally get after you’ve gone for a short run.

When it comes to lipstick in your 30’s, you’re not likely having any type of fine line problems around your mouth at this point in time. However, you may start noticing your lips are getting less plump and much thinner. If this is an issue for you, look for lipstick and liner that contain natural “plumping” capabilities. Almost every brand has a lipstick of this kind and they can help you get your full lips back. The recommended colors for lips in your 30’s are lighter and more polished. Look for a softer nude color or barely-there glosses to keep your look modern and chic.

For a daytime eye makeup look, be sure to stick with neutral colors. Unless you are ready to take a real risk, don’t try out bold neon colors or eye shadow trends you’ve seen. Remember, while it’s good to use frosty shadow for highlighting, if you use too much of it you may end up highlighting any fine lines you have around your eyes. So, keep frosted eye shadow to a minimum and use it only for highlighting. As a mature woman, also be sure your eyebrows are always perfectly plucked or waxed with a professionally designed arch.

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