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7 Age Appropriate Makeup Tips for Teens:
Making Rules & Helping Your Daughter Apply Makeup

Allowing young girls to wear makeup can be quite a stretch for many, as teen makeup is not often welcomed by parents. However, by using these seven cosmetics tips and suggestions, you can ensure your teen keeps it tasteful.
  1. Keep It Natural
    The number one mistake many teen girls make with makeup is wearing too much of it. Always tell your daughter that makeup is meant to enhance her own natural beauty, not hide it. A good rule is to teach her the “Five Minute Face”. This process gives her five minutes to apply whatever makeup she can put on in that amount of time. Most often, it will include foundation, blush, mascara and lip gloss. By sticking to this rule of thumb, she’ll never be over-done.
  2. Help Her Keep Age Appropriate Please
    Gently remind your child that her makeup must be kept age appropriate if she is going to be allowed to wear it. Many girls love to look much older and can easily use makeup to get this effect. However, it’s best for your daughter to look her age. Thus, it may be necessary for you to filter her choices and only allow her to wear what you deem is age appropriate. Just remember, a eye shadow in the color of blue might not work for you, but it’s likely to be very hip on your daughter!

  3. Teach Her Proper Makeup Application
    The best thing you can teach your daughter about makeup is how to apply it properly. If you’re unsure about application, take your daughter to a makeup counter at the mall and begin there. She should feel confident knowing how to apply makeup, if she wants to wear it.

  4. Make Your Rules And Restrictions Known to Avoid Conflict
    If you are hesitant to let your child wear makeup, be sure to set some ground rules and make them known to your child. For example, you might allow them to wear lip gloss up until age 13 and then allow them to wear a few more products. However, you may feel they shouldn’t wear any more than a few makeup products until they are 15 or 16. For example, many parents feel comfortable letting their daughter wear lip gloss, blush and powder. Others will restrict eye liner or mascara and even fewer will allow their child to wear whatever type they’d like to wear. In addition, be sure to stand firm when your child tries to tell you other parents are allowing more liberal makeup behavior.

  5. Show Her The Right Products to Use
    When you’re a mature adult, it’s likely you completely understand the types of products you should use on your face. However, teens don’t yet have the knowledge to make these decisions. Thus, be sure you help your teen pick out much of their makeup, especially when it comes to foundation. Choose a light weight foundation to start with, as it will allow your teen to experiment with foundation, without overwhelming their lovely face.

  6. Skin Care Should Start Young
    One of the benefits to allowing your teen to wear makeup is to help get them into a good habit of taking care of their face. Make a deal with your teen that if you allow them to wear makeup, they must agree to use a good facial cleanser and engage in good skin care routines. After all you won’t want them to compromise the condition of their face of have a blemish problem due to sleeping in their makeup.

  7. Save Cash on Your Teen’s Makeup
    There is absolutely no reason to head to the mall and fork over cash for expensive makeup for your teen. Chances are they are only experimenting with what they think they like at this point, anyway. So, stick with affordable brands like Cover Girl or Maybelline. This way, you can save money and your teen can still experiment with makeup.

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