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Tall Fashions: Doís and Doníts for Women with Long Legs

Do remember to check for pants that will let out a little in the seam, when shopping.

Many tall ladies forget some designers place extra material within the hem of pants, in case they need to be let out. This might be something you need to look for, if tall fashion is not widely available in your area. By looking at the bottom hem, you can quickly determine if a pair of pants you loved (but were too short) can be taken to a tailor and extended to meet your height needs. Just be sure the inseam still fits properly, if they aren’t made specifically for tall ladies. If you think this would be too expensive to do for every pair of pants, buy an inexpensive sewing machine and learn how to let out the hem yourself! For those who want to avoid sewing, cut the strings of the hem with a specific hem-release tool from the craft store and then use iron-in fusing to create your new and longer hem.

DO dare to wear heels.

Some tall ladies feel like they are far too tall to wear heels and always opt for flats, so they won’t be the tallest people in the room. However, most short women who kill to be tall with long legs, so embrace your height! Instead of always wearing flats, wear your heels when you want to feel sexy and bold.

DO shop at stores that offer Tall sizes.

Lots of tall women hate to shop because they quickly get frustrated after trying on a multitude of pants and skirts that are too short on them or attempting to find a shirt with a sleeve that fits right. They spend hour after hour, browsing from store to store, looking for something that will fit. However, there’s an easy way to save time! Many stores, from Victoria’s Secret to New York and Company, are now offering Tall sizes. By choosing to stick with a store you know carries clothing that will work for you, you’ll save time and feel better about your shopping experience!

DO show off those long legs with a mini skirt.

If you’re under the age of 35, take the experts’ advice and dare to wear a mini skirt for a night out on the town. Mini skirts were made with long legged beauties in mind and rarely look great on short ladies. They will make your legs look even longer and slimmer than they already are, which is always a bonus. So, rock your height the way you should and dress to impress in a sexy mini skirt. For total impact, be sure to steer clear of pattern styles and stick with a solid color.

DON’T buy clothing too large for your body

Some tall ladies will choose a dress or pants in a size far too big for their shape, just to get a great length. While it’s not typically a great style choice to buy a size too big, as it can make you appear heavier than you are, it can work. Just be sure if your pants are baggy or a little loose, you balance your look with a fitted shirt, blouse, jacket or sweater. Choose a top that will accentuate the smallest part of your waist and creates a flattering balance.

DON'T wear men’s clothing.

If you only remember one of these tips, let it be this one! Some tall women tend to gravitate toward clothing in a man’s size, because it often comes in various lengths and is easier to find to fit their height. Sure, the posted length sizes can make finding jeans to fit your height much easier, but women who wear men’s clothing always end up looking masculine and shapeless, which is never a good thing for a lady.

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