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Choosing Sunglasses Frames that Flatter Your Natural Face Shape

While the main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun, there’s no reason why you can’t find a flattering pair that will both protect your eyes and make you look fabulous at the same time! Before you choose your next designer eyewear, be sure you consider your face shape and the sunglasses shape, to see if they mesh well together. If you’re not sure what sunglasses face shape you have or what new shades to buy, use these helpful beauty tips to help learn how to select the perfect sunglasses for you!

Size Matters: Small or Large Shades?

The first thing you need to think about when choosing sunglasses is the size of your face. So often people choose sunglasses that should work for their face shape but are far too small or far too large for their face’s bone structure. In addition, there is nothing worse than wearing a pair of ill fitting sunglasses. If they are too big, they fall off any time you bend down and if they are too small, you get a headache from them pushing on your temples! If you have a very small face, you may even want to look at the youth sunglasses to get the proper fit. Otherwise, be sure you can see your brows and the sunglasses down fall too far down your cheeks, as well.

Sunglasses By Face Shape

Sure, the size of your eye wear should certainly complement your face, but if you want to choose the best sunglasses style for you, it’s best to find glasses that complement your face shape.
  • Oval Face Shape: If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face, you can basically wear any style of sunglasses you’d like. The oval face shape is the easiest to fit, as it looks great in anything. If you’re an oval faced beauty, it will all come down to personal preference.

  • Square Face Shape: Those with a square shaped face should gravitate toward round frames that can help soften the angular parts of the face and can help create curves. If you want your face to look long and lean, try wire oval frames that are more horizontal than they are vertical.

  • Round Face Shape: When you have a round face and are looking for fashion glasses or sunglasses, look for angular frames that have rectangular shapes. The geometric shaped frame is great for slimming the face and making the forehead and brows look more prominent.

  • Heart Face Shape: The most challenging face to fit for sunglasses is the heart shaped face, so it’s important to try on many different types to see what works for you. Many times the cat-eye types will help balance a heart shaped face really well and lighter colored round frames and often help, as well. If you’re trying to offset your narrow chin, look for frames that are wider at the bottom.

From aviator RayBan sunglasses to Glamour Girl Versace glasses, this guide can help you determine what sunglasses you should choose to best flatter your face. Be sure to focus on the size of your glasses, to ensure they complement and fit with the size of your face. Then, focus on shapes and styles of glasses that will help flatter your face. After all, you should let your accessories work with you to help create a better look, not work against you. With thousands of different sunglasses shapes, brands and styles on the market, there is literally something out there for everyone!

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