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Sunburn Prevention:
How to Avoid Red, Burning Skin and Sun Damage

There are many products on the market today to encourage everyone to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful ray exposure. Every company from Coppertone to Neutrogena has a quality product on the market, yet many people still find themselves suffering from sunburn. If you simply can’t avoid the sun and its ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays, there are options out there that can keep you healthy!

All-Natural Ways To Prevent Sunburn

  • Use Sunblock EVERYDAY: The easiest way to ensure you are protected from the sun is to use a broad-spectrum (protection from UVA & UVB rays) sunblock or sunscreen on a daily basis. Use a moisturizer or foundation that has it included in the formula so you’ll always know your face is protected from sunburns and sun damage that can later lead to wrinkles and other skin problems. Also, be sure to carry sunscreen in your purse for the rest of your body if you are outdoors. Some companies are even making sunscreen wipes which are great for those on-the-go who rarely have time to apply sunscreen throughout the day.

  • Seek Out the Shade and Cover Up: If you find yourself in an area where you have no access to protection from sunscreen or sunblock with SPF protection, there are a few ways you can still prevent sunburn. First, find a large floppy hat to wear. A hat with a large brim all around it can be very helpful in blocking the sun’s rays and can prevent sun damage on your face, neck and upper body. In addition, you can use clothing to help shield your skin from the sun by wearing longer sleeved clothing or pants instead of wearing tank tops or shorts. You can stay just as cool wearing longer clothing, if you choose lightweight and light colored fabrics for your attire.

  • Load Up on Lycopene: Another way to help protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sunís rays is by adding more lycopene to your diet. Studies have shown that people who consume more lycopene are more resistant to sunburns. Every little bit helps when it comes to avoiding cumulative sun exposure, and eating foods that contain lycopene, including tomatoes and tomato paste. The key is to consume these foods with fats or oils, including mayonnaise (think sandwiches!) or olive oils (tomato salads, pasta dishes) to have the best absorption of the lycopene.

Why Preventing A Sunburn Is Important

For obvious reasons, suffering with a sunburn can be quite bothersome. First, you have to deal with the pain and irritation of the skin, the redness associated with sunburn and perhaps even an unsightly blister or two. In addition, if you have severe sunburn, you may end up with sun poisoning. Normal sunburns can lead to infections of the blistered areas but sun poisoning is much more serious. It can cause you to be nauseous, have a fever, have headaches, experience dizziness and other symptoms, depending on the degree of the burnt areas.

In addition to sunburns leading to uncomfortable recoveries, sun damage to your skin can cause skin cancer like melanoma. Even tanning in a tanning bed will put you in a much higher risk for these dangerous and possibly life threatening conditions. So, stay safe and be sure to protect yourself from the sun by using SPF lotion while outdoors and by steering clear of tanning beds altogether.

Treatment For Sunburn

If you do happen to accidentally get sunburnt, be sure you take the time to treat your skin with a safe treatment method. Aloe vera (100% formulas) is great for healing your burnt skin, as well as other over the counter sunburn lotions available. Some doctors recommend you also apply cool, wet cloths to the burnt areas. Be sure to avoid any exposure to the sun until your skin heals completely, or you will only be making the burn worse. Lastly, be sure you stay hydrated while you’re recovering because your skin will need the extra water to rebuild itself.

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