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Top 4 Healthy Summer Hair Tips:
Prevant Heat, Chorine, Salt & UV Damage

Most people know summer sun and activities can wreak havoc on your skin. Thus, they often take great precautions to avoid getting sunburnt. But, the warm weather elements can also do real damage on your hair. Use these tips to learn how to keep healthy hair throughout this sunny season.

  1. Protect Hair from Salt Water & Chorine
    Before you jump into the pool or the ocean to swim, youíll need to take a few precautionary steps to protect your hair. The best thing you can to do protect your hair before swimming is to wet your hair thoroughly before getting into salt water at the beach or a pool with chlorine. The tap water you put on your hair will help fill in your hairís open shafts and will clog them up so the chlorine or salt canít soak in and do any damage. Never go into the pool with dry hair! After swimming, be sure to wash your hair with clarifying shampoo and hair products so you can be sure you get any remaining chlorine out of your hair.

  1. Protect Hair Color from Sun Damage
    To keep your color (whether you highlight, bleach or dye) safe from the sun during the summer months, there are several things you can do. First, you can spray your hair with sunscreen before you experience any lengthy exposure to the sun. You might be able to find specialized hair products to help prevent hair sun damage, however they are made of basically the same ingredients as regular sunscreen with moderate to high SPF levels. If youíre like most women, youíd rather save time and money by using one product for both purposes. In addition, donít ever use lemon or other lightening products on your hair in an attempt to naturally highlight it. It can dry out your hair and leave you with more damage than itís worth.

  2. Give Hair More Moisture & Heat Protection
    If you want to encourage growth or healthy, shiny hair, itís important to avoid any type of heat damage. Not only do you likely blow dry or curl your hair every day, excessive exposure to outdoor heat can also cause issues with your hair care. If you find your hair is getting drier than usual, be sure to focus on ways to hydrate or moisturize it more. One easy trick to try is to double condition. You can quickly do this by using a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner product, followed by a deep conditioner. If you find your roots arenít as dry as the ends, simply use the extra conditioner on the ends alone. Just like throughout the rest of the year, be sure you trim any split ends every six to eight weeks to help get rid of any damage, as well.

  3. Stop Breakouts and Hair Breakage Caused by Scalp Sweat
    When youíre out in the summer heat and your hair gets ultra-sweaty, there are a few things you can to do protect your complexion as well as your hair. First, always be sure to wear only cloth covered elastic bands in your hair. If you use any other type, your sweaty hair can get tangled up in it and can break easily. In addition, to avoid any skin breakouts, be sure you keep your hair away from your face. Sweaty hair can easily stick to your forehead or cheeks, and cause you to experience acne or heat rashes.

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