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Smoky Eye Makeup Tips & Techniques:
Step by Step Application for an Evening Eye

Smoky eye makeup is a hot trend in the cosmetics world, with ladies using it not only for formal evening events but also for dramatic and sexy day wear style. While you can certainly visit a department store makeup counter like Sephora, you can use less expensive brands of makeup, like Cover Girl, to get the same smokey results. If you don’t know how to properly apply smoky eyeshadow, you could end up looking like you have a black eye. To get perfect technique and application, use these smoky eye makeup beauty tips to help you create a smoldering look.

Step 1: Preparing The Eye Area for Shadows

Before you start with the steps of smoky eye makeup application, you must prepare the eye area. Apply a thin layer of eye primer and then foundation across the eyelids. Then use a good concealer to cover any dark circles which may be showing under your eye or in the corners of your eye. Always use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your natural skin color. You’ll want to be sure you have great base coverage because you will only want the smoky look on the lid, not under your eye.

Step 2: Choose Your Eye Makeup Colors and Begin

Depending on your eye color, hair color and skin tone, you can try using brown, grey, black, dark plum or navy for this task. Stick with one color group for this task. Blue eyed beauties can use any of these, but fair skinned gals might want to steer clear of black unless they want an extremely dramatic emo look. Green eyed girls will look best with brown, grey or black. Browned eyed ladies should stick with brown, black, dark plum or navy. Pick an eyeliner color to match. Using eyeshadow brushes start the color process by sweeping the lid with a neutral flesh-colored mineral shadow. You can use a sparkly shadow if you’d like more flair.

Step 3: First Layer Of Eyeliner

Start in the inside corner of your lash line and start by lining the upper lashes with your dark eyeliner choice. As you go from the inner corner to the outer area, make the line gradually get thicker. You can get an even more dramatic look by drawing on the inner rims of the eyes as well. Use a cotton swab stick to help you blend the color. Next, be sure to line the lower lash line, either one third of the way across or all the way from the inner corner to the outer area. You can try both to see which one you like best. You may want to use an eyeliner pencil for this task, unless you are experienced with liquid eyeliner as liquid eyeliner is very difficult to use.

Step 4: Start Shading With Eyeshadow

Start by applying a dark sweep of color to the outer corner of your eyelid, up to the crease. Blend it well and gradually add more color until you get your desired look. You can do this by lightly adding more layers of the eye shadow and blending upward as you go. The color should fade evenly, from your lash line to the crease.

Step 5: More Eyeliner

Next, do another line of eyeliner on the top eye lid line and smudge it with your cotton swab. This will add further drama to your look. Be sure to use the cotton swab to blend the shadow so there aren’t even layer lines noticeable. Also, you use easily use it to clean up any stray shadow. For stray marks you may need to dip a clean cotton swab tip into foundation or base powder and use it on the marks.

Step 6: Finish Up Your Smokey Eye With Mascara

To finish your smoky eye look, the last step is to apply several layers of mascara. Choose a dark mascara in navy or black to this look. Apply one layer of volumizing mascara, then a second. Be sure to add the second coat before the first coat dries completely, so you’ll avoid clumping.

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