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Maximize a Small, Petite Bust:
5 Fashion & Style Tips to Add the Illusion of Volume

While women with large busts are constantly trying to minimize the appearance of their chest, women with small busts are always looking for ways to maximize their chest. The good news is there are many creative ways to maximize small bust, from shirt styles to using accessories. If you have small breast issues and want to learn how to quickly fix it with fashion and not surgery, be sure to use these five style tips to help you get the extra “ooh la la” you crave.

#1. Invest In a Good Padded Pushup Bra: No Shame Ladies!

One thing you simply can’t afford to go without is a good padded pushup bra. To help your figure before you even put on clothes, a padded or push-up bra should be used. Just by putting it on you can add a cup size (or sometimes more) to your figure. The pushup aspect is great if you want extra cleavage and not only additional size. Thus, finding one with both padding and pushup qualities is best and will give you the most boost for your buck. Wonderbra, Donna Karen, Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret are optimal brands to try.

#2. Halter Tops Can Add Size

Certain cuts of shirts will help you flatter the bust you do have, so if you’re looking for a dress or a shirt that will make your bust look larger, consider a halter style top. The secret is to find a halter with padding in it. Also, be sure you it fastens tight enough to allow you to pull your breasts up and enhance your cleavage.

#3. Accentuate Your Waist

One of the oldest tricks in the book to make your bust look bigger is to make your waist look smaller. To easily do this, simply add a belt to the smallest part of your waist (usually right under your bust area). This will make your bust stick out as a main attraction and make your waist look very small. If you don’t want to wear belts every day to get this look, search for empire waisted shirts with cuts that do this automatically.

#4. It’s All in the Shirt

Another fun trick is to pick a t-shirt with a small pocket or detail on the breast area. By choosing a shirt with a small pocket, you visually create an illusion of your chest being bigger than it is. Sometimes button down shirts fitted in your petite size can help you, as well. They can fit snugly over your bust and flair a bit at the bottom to make you look heavier in the chest area. You can try to wear a shirt underneath a button down and only close the buttons right under your bust line and below to give even more attention to your chest.

#5. Ruffle Shirts Add Volume to Your Body

If you want to add volume to your bust, you can also choose shirts that literally have added volume in that area. Shirts with ruffles on the bust area or other bulky detail can help your bust appear larger.

Forget about plastic surgery! All in all, whether you’re a bony gal or a full figured lady with a small chest, don’t fret. There are many things you can do with fashion to help your bust appear larger. So, when you’re shopping for a new outfit just keep these tips in mind.

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