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Figure Flattering Skirt Shapes:
Tips on Lengths, Fabrics & Classic Styles

If you dig the feminine aspects of fashion, chances are you love wearing skirts. Skirts are one of the most versatile clothing pieces ever created. While traditional skirts were made so long they almost dragged the ground, today’s skirts come in such a wide variety there are styles that flatter any body type. While some body types look better in specific skirt styles, there are a few skirt tips women of any body type can use when finding the most flattering skirt for them.

The Right Skirt Length is Key

While the focus on finding great pants is more on cut, finding a flattering skirt rides greatly on length. Most designers agree if you are over the age of 35, mini skirts are just not fashionably appropriate any longer. While there are an abundance of beautiful women over that age, the matter is not focused only on what looks good but also what is age appropriate. You may look great in a short micro mini, but is it really fitting for your age? Think about it!

Details and Shapes that Don't Work

Things to stay away from if you want your legs to look great in skirts are pleats, ruffles and low waist varieties. Pleats and ruffles will only make you seem girlish, instead of classic or modern. While a low waist can work on pants, it can be difficult to pull off a low waist skirt because they can easily make you appear as if you have a flat backside and no waist, which is never a good thing.

Denim Skirts for Any Fashion Occasion

Most women admit jeans are their favorite items of clothing! So, when it comes to skirts a denim fabric can be quite helpful and versatile. A dark washed denim pencil skirt can be paired with heels, a button down, a nice jacket and scarf for a “business casual” look. The same skirt can then be worn to dinner or other semi-casual events. For a more laid back look, a lighter washed denim skirt can be paired with a trendy tee, tank or even a sweater and boots! You can find great denim skirts at every outlet, from Ann Taylor to Victoria’s Secret. Just remember, unless you’re going for the grunge look denim should never be torn or frayed.

Skirt Style Best Suited For All Body Types

One giant mistake full sized or any sized woman can easily make is to choose skirts of inappropriate cuts. The cut of a skirt isn’t quite as important as the cut of pants, but it should still be given attention. One of the best cuts in skirts is the a-line. Fashion experts agree an a-line skirt can help define the waist area, help hide the tummy, hips and thigh area and give an overall balance to various body shapes. Stay away from sarong style skirts, unless you are hitting the beach where sarong skirts can be quite appealing. However, in everyday life, they can cause unflattering effects on the tummy area and unless you want to draw attention to your stomach they should be avoided!

Get the Right Size Skirt & Avoid Unattractive Clinging

When looking for skirts, be aware of the materials and textures of the skirts. Don’t choose skirts that cling to your body. No matter what size or shape they are, you will not get a flattering look if they hug every curve and point out every imperfection! Be sure you’re wearing a skirt size that allows you the freedom to sit or stand without the fabric bunching up and becoming tight. Finding the right size in a skirt is more about waist fit than anything else. So, be sure you aren’t trying to squeeze into a smaller size just because you can. Finding a great overall look is much more important!

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