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How to Find Your Skin’s Natural Undertones:
Choosing Makeup, Hair & Clothing Colors for Cool, Warm or Neutral Tones

Have you ever wondered why some colors look better on you than others? There are many things that can go into various colors of makeup or clothing looking good on you. You may look great in the color red but your best friend might look horrible in it!

Chances are you’ve heard of skin undertones in the past, but may not fully understand what they are, why they are important or how to figure out what yours is. Skin undertones are based upon the undertone hue of your skin and are broken up into cool and warm shades, with a few people falling into the neutral category. Those with bluish undertones are considered cool toned and those with greenish or yellow undertones are considered warm toned.

Why Knowing Your Undertone is Important

When you know what your skin’s undertone is, you’ll give yourself a few major fashion and makeup advantages. Knowing your undertone can help you choose to wear appropriate colors of cosmetics and clothing you might not typically choose otherwise. It gives you something to think about and allows you to be intentional when shopping for clothes or applying makeup. Beauty experts state that when you wear makeup and clothing in the best colors for your skin’s undertone, you’ll have more radiant looking skin, brighter eyes and beautiful naturally reflecting golden hair highlights. Of course, when you wear the wrong colors for your skin’s undertone, your skin will look dull, your eyes may look as if they have dark circles under them and your teeth can even look yellow. Sometimes people have neutral undertones, which naturally gives them many more options. This is not very common, however.

How to Find Your Skin’s Undertone

  • Wrist Test: When sitting in natural lighting, look at the inside of your wrist. If you notice the area has a blue tint, you’re likely a cool toned gal. If your skin has a greenish tint, you’re likely warm toned. However, if you notice both blue and green undertones, you’re probably a neutral.

  • Jewelry Test: If you think you look better in gold jewelry, you’re likely a warm tone. If you feel silver best complements your skin, you’re probably a cool toned person. However, if you look good in both gold and silver, you could be a neutral.

  • White vs. Ivory Test: Most ladies know if they look best in bright white or in ivory. If you do find bright white makes you look vibrant, you’re likely a cool. However, if you find off-white or ivory looks best, you’re definitely a warm.

Cool Skin Undertone Tips

Those with cool skin undertones often have very dark brown skin with reddish undertones, brown skin with pink undertones, olive skin, medium colored skin with pink undertones or pale skin with pink undertones. Cool undertone beauties should think about choosing foundation colors that are best suited for their skin tone. Those who aren’t sure what to choose can seek help from a local cosmetic counter in their local department store. In addition, those with cool skin undertones look best in colors like fuchsia, pink, violet, blue, turquoise and bright white. For the lips, choose a burgundy, mauve or tulip color and for the eyes, pick blues or lavenders. When it comes to hair colors, stick with ash blonde and champagne or go darker with a light brown.

Warm Skin Undertone Tips

Those with warm skin undertones can also visit the cosmetic counter to determine what types and shades of face foundations are best for their undertones, if they need assistance. However, at home they can help work with their undertones by wearing colors like yellow, red, ivory, green or orange. When looking for flattering makeup colors, think about lip colors of putty, apricot or redwood or eye colors of apricot, plum or bamboo. If you want a new hair color, consider warm colors like golden blonde or golden brown.

Neutral Skin Undertone Tips

While people with neutral skin undertones can often get away with wearing any colors, there are still a few colors that look best on a neutral. For makeup shades of blush or lipstick, think about using toasted pink, rose or pomegranate colors and for the eyes look into grays or browns. When it comes to hair color, neutrals have it made! You can get away with any shade of blonde, brown or red, easily.

All in all, finding your skin’s undertones is a great way to be able to choose more appropriate clothing and makeup colors. By looking at the inside of your arm, you can figure out within moments if you are a cool or warm and start shopping accordingly!


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