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Skin Cancer Detection:
Warning Signs to Know About Moles & Spots

Each year millions of people are diagnosed with skin cancer, a very serious and quick-to-spread type of cancer. The prognosis for those who have just gotten their diagnosis varies dramatically, depending on what stage the skin cancer is in. Thus, itís extremely important for people to know the types of skin cancer, stages of skin cancer and the top five signs of skin cancer so they can detect any abnormalities in their early stages.

Annual Skin Checks Are Important

Of course, itís important to recognize the symptoms of skin cancer, but the American Academy of Dermatology also insists itís vital for everyone to get an annual skin care check. This check can be performed by a dermatologist or by your regular physician if they feel experienced enough to do so. Skin checks are often the only way patients get diagnosed with melanoma, actinic keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma.

Skin Cancer Detection Letter System

In between your annual skin care checks performed by your doctor, use this easy-to-remember A-B-C-D-E letter system to look for unusual skin characteristics.

  • A is for Asymmetry: One warning symptom to look out for in regards to skin cancer is asymmetry. If you notice a mole with an irregular shape, it should be further examined by your doctor.

  • B is for Border: Check the borders of your moles in question. If their borders are smooth and even, itís likely they are not going to be cancerous. However, if they have jagged borders or are uneven, they might need to be further examined.

  • C is for Color: A healthy mole should be all one color. Thus, if your mole has black mixed with brown in it, it has a higher chance of being cancerous.

  • D is for Diameter: Dermatologists often say moles which are 6mm or ľ to Ĺ inch should be further examined for cancerous properties.

  • E is for Elevation: Another thing to look at is the height of your moles. A mole that is raised or moles which grow rapidly in height can be cancerous.

Top 4 Skin Cancer Warning Signs to Watch For

While these are all important symptoms of skin cancer you need to remember, there are several common warning signs youíll also need to learn how to detect.

  • Sudden Growth: Anytime you notice a chance in your skin or a sudden growth, itís important to point it out to your doctor.

  • Translucent or Pearly Mole: If you find an unusual mole or a change in your skin or a mole that results in a pearly or translucent appearance, itís important to see your doctor.

  • Unusual Skin Rash: If you have an unusual skin rash that wonít go away and is unrelated to allergies, itís a great idea to see your doctor.

  • A Bothersome Mole Or Growth: If you have a skin growth or mole that is sore, has an itch, crusts, bleeds or ulcerates, see your doctor.

Best Skin Damage Prevention Methods

Skin cancer can often be prevented, which is great news! Use these simple prevention tips to ensure youíre giving your skin its best chance of staying healthy.

  • Avoid Tanning Beds: Everyone loves to have tanned skin, but tanning beds arenít the way you should go about getting it. Tanning beds have been linked to skin cancer. However, todayís modern cosmetic industry has developed wonderful sunless tanning products you can now use to get glowing skin without harming your skin.

  • Use Sunscreen: Some people use sunscreen only when they are going to the beach or pool. However, sunscreen is important for everyday wear, as well. Be sure you use a facial sunscreen on a daily basis, to not only avoid wrinkles but also avoid sun damage or cancer.

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