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5 Essential Shoe Style Categories:
Footwear Every Woman Should Own in Their Closet

From Steve Madden and other high end designers to Payless bargains, those with shoe obsessions can quickly find themselves with too many shoes and not enough closet space. If youíre a shoe lover who is trying to get her habit under control in a very practical way, itís important to stop for a moment and think about the major essential shoe styles every woman should own. After analyzing the styles, you can then start limiting yourself to a few pairs of shoes, per style, and get your shoe obsession (and your closet space organization) under control quickly.

  1. Work Appropriate Shoes
    Depending on your line of work, chances are youíll need at least a few pairs of work shoes in your closet. If you work in an office environment, think about choosing shoes that fit properly and offer ultimate comfort. When it comes to work shoes, itís all about what looks appropriate, while allowing you to be comfortable throughout the day. To get the most comfort possible, youíll need to ensure youíre wearing shoes that fit properly, meaning you buy specifically for your wide or narrow feet needs.† A classic pair of black heels with a closed toe and/or a pair of black ballet flats will be fine for more work environments.

  2. Date or Night on the Town Shoes
    Just like every woman should own a Little Black Dress, every woman should also have at least a few high fashion high heel pumps or strappy heels. Whether you prefer spike heels or platform heels, these shoes should be sexy and work with formal attire. While itís very possible these shoes wonít always work for casual dates, they are a must for those formal events or dates where you want to look hot and sexy!

  3. Athletic Shoes: Donít let Shoes Be a Reason to Skip Your Workout
    Diva women will tell you, thereís no reason to wear tennis shoes unless youíre working out at the gym or hiking with your beau! While itís important to have a few pairs of athletic shoes you can throw on when you need to get your body moving, fashion gurus will look down upon you if you overuse them for everyday wear.† Athletic shoes are one shoe category that you donít want to skip on price.† These shoes will need to stand up to your workouts and protect your feet from injuries.

  4. Casual, Out and About Shoes
    Instead of throwing on your comfy sneakers every time you want casual shoes, itís a more fashionable idea to have casual shoe options in your closet. These shoes might be worn for errands to the grocery store, lunch brunches or movie dates with your best friend. Depending on your own personal style and fashion identity, you might own suede clogs, ballet flat shoes or leather loafers.† If you really prefer sneakers, there are many brands offering more fashion forward sneakers now. Most often these shoes will look great with jeans and a casual shirt.

  5. Seasonal Shoes for Weather Extremes
    While they can fit in many settings, depending on the season theyíre meant to be worn in, every woman should have a few pairs of seasonal shoes. For example, if you live in an area where you experience winter weather, itís important you have at least one pair of fashionable (yet practical) boots. In addition, for the warm summer months, it will be equally important to have shoe styles you can wear to the pool, beach or on a summer stroll. Ideally, your closet will house a few pairs of flip flops, formal and informal sandals and beach footwear.

    Instead of having hundreds of pairs of shoes you donít need or only two pairs of shoes you force to work with any outfit you wear, itís best to have a few pairs of shoes which fit in each of these five shoe styles.

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