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6 Hair Care Tips for Shiny Mane:
Maintenance Advice for Shiner, Healthier Locks

If you are one of the billions of women who want shiner hair, you are certainly not alone! After all, glossy or shiny hair can make you look and feel like a princess. While everyone wants healthy hair shine, there are many things which can make your hair look dull. Lack of vitamins, chemical color damage and heat damage are a few of the most common dull-hair culprits. If shiner hair is what you crave, use these easy beauty tips to help you learn how to turn lifeless hair into glossy, long locks!
  1. Use heat activated shampoo
    If you are a slave to your hair dryer or flat iron, itís important to start using heat activated shampoo every day. Heat activated shampoo can protect your hair from any damage a flat iron or other hair tool can cause.

  2. Deep condition weekly
    Whether your hair is normal, fine or thick, itís important for you to use a deep conditioner once a week to help your hair maintain its lusciousness. To help you remember to do this, choose a day of the week and stick to it. For example, most people choose to deep condition on Saturday. This is often because they have a little extra time on the weekend to spend in the shower. You can get a very inexpensive conditioner product called ďCholesterolĒ at most beauty stores, which is highly effective and will leave you with a cocoa butter scent. You simply apply it to your hair, leave it on for ten minutes and then shampoo and condition as normal.

  3. Try natural rinse techniques
    If your hair is light colored, try to boost its silky appearance by putting a few tablespoons of lemon juice into your rinse water, for a natural shine boost. If your hair is dark, mix apple cider vinegar into the rinse water for similar results.

  4. Use a homemade hair care mask
    To get an effective mask you wonít find at even the fanciest salons, grab eight strawberries and a little mayonnaise. Start by mashing the berries with one tablespoon of mayo. Then massage the mixture into your wet hair after you wash it. Place a shower cap over it and wrap your hair in a warm towel. Allow it to sit for ten minutes, then wash, shampoo and condition as usual.

  5. Get a hair cut
    Sometimes hair looks dull and dingy because it needs a trim. For professional results, hit the salon and ask for your dull ends to be removed. If it has been a long time since youíve had a trim, chances are youíll need to lose a few inches.

  6. Turn to trusted products
    Products like a hair serum by companies like Neutrogena are often a great way to add shine to your hair. However, keep in mind if you want a shiny and sleek style, itís important not to overdo it on the products you do use every day. Product buildup can quickly dull your hairís natural shine. Remember, if you have fine hair itís important to look for products with wheat proteins or polymers, because they will make your hair look thicker. Those with normal hair should look for products with silk amino acids, which will add shine and soften your hair structure. If your hair is thick or coarse, pomades will be able to add great shine.

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