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Types of Sunless Tanning Products:
Lotions, Bronzing Cream, Booths & Airbrushing

A Beautiful Tan Doesn't Mean Sun Damage Anymore

Anyone living in the free world knows the damage traditional tanning and tanning beds can do to your skin. Not wearing sunscreen throughout the day can lead to an uncomfortable sun burn and ultimately cancer, due to the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, most women still feel as if a great tan is the best beauty accessory of their lifetime. The good news is sunless tanning is easier than ever before, with great sunless product choices on the market for every type of woman. Before attempting your first sunless tanning application, take a look at these types of self tanners and how to apply (or remove) them.

Gradual Self Tanning Lotions: Most User Friendly at Home

Most moisturizer companies are now offering gradual self tanning lotions. From Sephora to Coppertone, shoppers who want to stay healthy while getting a little color can choose these easy self tanning options. These lotions do include smaller amounts of dihydroxyacetone (the ingredient in most self tanners which allows the color to develop and has that certain "smell"). However, they allow the user to get a “glow” over time. Basically, you moisturize with the lotion and after using it for a few days will notice a faint tan glow to your skin. The more you use it, the darker the glow becomes. These options are ideal for those who are new to self tanning, as they are virtually mistake-free and rarely show streaks or “orange” tints.

Self Tanning Cream With Bronzer: Instant Tan with Lasting Results

Sure, the organic way to look tan is to sit in the sun. But, today there is no need for the skin damage that can develop during tanning sessions in the sun or tanning bed. Self tanning cream with a bronzer is the ideal choice for someone who wants their tan to show up instantly. The bronzer in this type of self tanning cream gives them instant color, while the self tanner shows its true color in about an hour. These creams do offer more of a risk of discoloration of the hands and other difficult to self-tan areas.

Spray Tanning Booths: Quick, but Not 100% Fool Proof

For those who have little time to worry about self tanning, spray tanning booths are a hot commodity. These booths are often offered at the spa or traditional tanning stores. They require the user to step into the booth and spray the self tanning solution directly onto the body. Usually lasting only a few minutes, this is the fastest way to self tan. However, upon review, many users didn’t like the process and found it uncomfortable or even startling. Booths are not always spoltch free either. Be sure to follow instructions completely to get the best result. Usually, there is a sequence and position you need to follow while in the booth. It is also recommended that you exfoliate the day before coming for a more even looking tan. Most tanning booths also have lotion available to apply to your hands, feet, ankles and nails to avoid unnatural browning in these areas.

Salon Airbrush Tanning: Pricier, but Customized for Each Client

If you have a little extra cash to spend on self tanning, salon airbrush tanning is the way to go. During this process, a professional airbrush tanning specialist sprays your body with self tanning solution. They can mix colors to make you look completely natural and most often get the most even application of all of the self tanning options. These airbrush tans are usually applied in the nude, but you can request to wear a bathing suit if you feel uncomfortable.

How To Get A Great Self Tan

The key to getting a great sunless tan depends greatly on your preparation. It’s important to exfoliate your skin in the shower, before applying the sunless tanning lotion. Be sure to rub a thin layer of lotion on your ankles, knees and elbows before beginning the tanning session as well. If you make mistakes and need self tanning removal, you can try to exfoliate again to rub off the color or you can wipe astringent on the area to remove the unwanted color.

Overall, sunless tanning is the premier choice in tanning this summer!

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