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Best Ways to Find Discount Beauty Products

Have you ever wondered which beauty products you should splurge on and which ones you should save money on by buying discount beauty product versions of at the drugstore? From Paul Mitchell and Redken to Suave and Cover Girl, there are plenty of ways to get the beauty look and style you want at a lower price. The trick to great beauty product budget balance is to mix and match. Sure, you might want to splurge on some products but not EVERY product. You can get the same results with inexpensive supplies and pay less money getting them!

Use these tips to help yourself figure out whatís worth spending big bucks on and what you can save on to get the same results.

Eye Makeup: Save Your Money On Eyeliner, Spend Your Money On Eye Shadow

Since most of todayís eyeliner pencils are made from nothing but colored wax, itís not necessary for you to spend $20 on eyeliner from the department store when you can get the same thing for under $5 at your local drugstore. If you prefer liquid eyeliner, you can too get a cheap and effective version anywhere. However, when it comes to eye shadow itís best to spend a little bit more. Quality means quantity with eyeshadow. A more expensive shadow will likely stay on longer and not fade quickly. In addition, most expensive brands offer richer colors. If you still donít want to buy expensive eye shadow, hereís a quick tip! Simply splurge on a small tube of M.A.C. Paints (which is an eyeshadow primer) and use the cheap eyeshadow over it. It will help it stay in place for hours and hours and youíll not need to spend a fortune!

Face Skin Care: Save On Cleansers AND Moisturizers

Sometimes you think to get younger looking skin or clearer skin, you need to buy only the best and most expensive cosmetics brands of cleansers and moisturizers. However, there is no reason to spend a fortune on a great moisturizer or a good cream cleanser. Most dermatologists agree you can get great results with drug store brands. Basically, the job of a cleanser is to remove excess oil and dirt and drugstore brands like Cetaphil and Purpose Gentle can do just that, very effectively. There is no need for the extra ingredients to get the job done! The thing to remember with moisturizers is youíll need two (one for your body and one for your face). Your face might need an oily formula while you may have dry body skin. Thereís no need to spend a bundle on these so you can avoid buying designer brands of lotion. You can get great lotions for both the face and body by trusted brands like Olay at your drugstore retailer.

Hair Care: Save On Shampoo And Condition, Spend Your Cash On Blowdryers And Appliances

Your salon professional might not want you to know this, but there is no reason you need to spend loads of cash on shampoo and conditioner. There are plenty of drugstore brands that can get the job done just as well as the fancy salon finds. In fact, you may even get better results with the wholesale priced drugstore finds. Since brands like Loreal and Pantene sell in bulk and in great quantities to drugstores, they have the means to put billions of dollars into product research and development. So, you might actually be getting higher quality at a much lower price. However, when it comes to blowdryers you may want to splurge a bit. The new ionic dryers can help you not only cut down on your drying time but also cut down on the heat exposure. You can find the best dryers online, at your salon or at your nearby beauty supply outlet.

Miscellaneous Beauty Product Savings: Save On Shaving, Spend On Nails

When it comes to shaving and hair removal, you can certainly save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Sure, it may be quite a pain in the neck but the money you save will let you get a massage to ease the pain! If you hate to shave and prefer waxing, think about using a hair removal cream on your legs and other areas instead. This is a pain-free method you can do yourself at home and the results are fantastic! As far as nails go, save your cash by doing your own at-home manicure and pedicure. However, if you like fake nails be sure to only let professionals do that task. Otherwise youíll end up loosing press on nails left and right.

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