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Top 5 Beauty Benefits of Rosebud Salve (from Sephora)

Many women have found that rosebud salve is one of those miracle products that offers so many benefits and has so many uses that you should just always keep it on hand! Keep one in your purse for quick use, and one in your medicine cabinet at home for all of the other times you will need it. You just never know when your skin needs a little extra soothing, moisturizing and comforting, and rosebud salve can do the job in just about every case. Here are some of the great benefits offered by rosebud salve:

  1. Soothing dry, chapped or cracked lips: This is probably the most common use for rosebud salve. If you apply a little bit to your lips several times during the day, then you can just about completely avoid ever having dry, cracked lips again. Keep your lips soft, smooth and well conditioned. Because lips are so sensitive, they become chapped and dry out easily and need lots of attention to stay beautiful. Dry, cracked lips are not only painful, but unsightly as well. Rosebud salve is the perfect lip balm!

  2. Keep your hands and elbows from becoming dry and cracking with rosebud salve. Apply rosebud salve just as you would any hand cream, and keep your hands soft and dry. Use at night by applying generously and wearing white cotton gloves to bed. Hands that are well moisturized not only feel better, but look younger, too!

  3. Help fix those cracked heels! Your feet take a lot of abuse each day and often require a little tender loving care. To help make them feel and look better, apply rosebud salve generously at night and wear socks to bed. The soothing and healing properties of the rosebud salve combined with the body heat produced by your feet will have them as soft as a baby’s when you wake up in the morning. Repeat this as often as necessary to keep your feet soft and smooth.

  4. Keep a tin of rosebud salve in your first aid kit and apply to burns and insect stings to help soothe the area and promote healing. You’ll find that the area heals more quickly and you will have less itching and burning from the burn or sting.

  5. Great for Nursing Moms: Nursing moms will definitely appreciate using rosebud salve on their dry, cracked nipples. A big plus is that because there are no harmful ingredients in the rosebud salve, you won’t have to worry about it hurting your new baby and you can use it as often as you need until the problem goes away.
Rosebud salve has many so wonderful and varied uses, and the soothing, healing ingredients (essential rose oils, aromol, cottonseed oil and white petrolatum) combine to make an all-purpose, cost-effective miracle cure for any dry areas on your skin—all over your body. You will see nearly instant results as your skin drinks in the moisturizer and begins to heal and hydrate itself! You won’t believe how much you use that little tin of rosebud salve once you start to notice the benefits.

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Why Rosebud Salve is the Ultimate Beauty Product Every Woman Should Have

All-purpose Rosebud SalveGreat smiles start with great lips, smooth, soft and well-conditioned. Lips are sensitive, and often don't get the sort of attention they need. In winter and summer, lips are chapped by cold weather, sun and windburn, heat and spicy foods. Particularly if you have delicate skin, you need to pay attention to the care of your lips. Start by drinking plenty of water, since dehydration shows up in dry, chapped or cracking lips.

You can use all kinds of cosmetics on your lips, and you could spend a lot of money, but what you really need is a good, all-purpose moisturizer—a balm. And an all-purpose salve that also softens elbows, hands and heels, is much more cost effective than lots of little pots of specialized creams (with remarkably similar ingredients). Remember, fewer ingredients mean a lessened chance of allergic reaction, and simpler products tend to be the best. One ideal lip and body salve is Rosebud Salve.

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