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Great Date Ideas:
Planning a Romantic Date on a Budget

Whether you’ve been dating your boyfriend for only a few months or need to plan a romantic date for your husband of ten years, doing it on a budget can present a challenge for any lady. The good news is you can successfully plan a night of love and fun for your significant other without breaking the bank. In fact, if done properly you’ll look as if you really took the time to think about making the special evening for your man creative and fun! Use these inexpensive tips and ideas to help you with planning things to do on your romantic date.

Cooking Cheap Dinner Together Can Be Sexy

Meals are one thing many couples love to share together. After all, much can be learned about one another over dinner. Instead of heading out to dinner at an expensive restaurant for romance, consider staying in. Cooking together in the kitchen can be a great way to have fun with one another. It can be extremely romantic and sexy to prepare food with one another. Be sure to keep it simple (forgo the hour-long homemade pie recipe) and stick with something simple. Spaghetti, salad and breadsticks are always a hit with men! If the weather permits, you can always plan a romantic date at the park. Pack a picnic dinner in a basket, grab a blanket and pick up some cheap wine for a romantic and fuss-free time.

Inexpensive Movie Night At Home Leads To Love & Snuggles

Who says you must go out on the town to create romance? True romance often occurs when you stay inside with a great movie and a warm blanket. Movie night at your place can turn into a very romantic event, if properly planned. Grab a few romantic movies, light a few candles, turn down the lights and snuggle together on the sofa for a few hours. This can be a great chance for new couples to take advantage of being close to one another and a great chance for married couples to reconnect.

Planning  Little Things That Count

If your romantic date revolves around a holiday and you just don’t have a bundle to spend on a gift, think about putting together a sentimental basket present. Fill the basket with your sweetheart’s favorite items. Think about stocking it with their favorite snacks and candy. Toss in an inexpensive pair of sexy boxers or a mixed CD as well. Finish up the gift with a homemade batch of “love coupons”, good for things like a 15 minute massage, a “get out of dishes card” and other fun things you create yourself. Your man will appreciate your creativity and love your innovative surprise!

Just remember, to create a romantic atmosphere there is no need to spend loads of money. You can easily create a romantic date in the comfort of your home, using things you often have on hand. Candles, music and great food are three mistake-free ingredients for a romantic date and are usually sitting around your home. So, be fearless and start planning your next romantic date on a budget.

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