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What Are Retinol Face Creams?
How They Work, Where to Get Them and Skin Beauty Benefits

If you follow skin care treatment options very closely, chances are youíve definitely heard of retinol face creams. Retinol is a variant of Vitamin A and comes with many benefits for overall health and more specifically, the skin. Retinol is a substance thatís needed for the maintenance and production of cells, is important for bone development and is vital for healthy vision. It can help rejuvenate the body due to its antioxidant properties, as well. Used in the effective treatment of skin conditions like acne and wrinkle issues, retinol skin creams are often hailed as being the best anti aging defense treatments.

How Do Retinoids Work on Wrinkles & Age Spots?

The typical skin cell turnover time is between 30-35 days. However, by stimulating the exfoliation of dull skin cells, retinoids can cause skin cell turnover to take only 5-6 days. Retinoids work to repair DNA damage, deeper dermal collagen and small blood vessels. By using products with retinoids in them, your skin can look tighter, wrinkles can be diminished and discoloration can be lightened. By rebuilding the infrastructure of the skin and encouraging new collage development, retinoids can make your skin look youthful and smooth.

Where to Get Retinol Face Creams

If youíre interested in retinol benefits, you may be curious to know where you can access products which include this effective tool. Many people choose to use a prescription version, like Renova, which can give intense results. Renova is based upon a retinoid acid, tretinoin and tretinoin is only available via prescription from a dermatologist or doctor. Thus, if you want to get your hands on this particular cream, youíll need to visit your doctor. However, retinol face creams are often made from a Vitamin A compound and is less intense than tretinoin, which is why they are available over the counter. There are many different beauty brands offering a retinol face cream product, over the counter.

Benefits Of Using Face Creams with Vitamin A (a.ka. Retinol)

The benefits of retinol face cream are abundant, with the retinol product offerings capable of providing extreme skin improvements. Basically, retinol face cream can help protect the skin from further cell damage. This capability can postpone the occurrence of fine lines, wrinkles dark spots or other skin problems. Of course, it not only prevents skin conditions but can also repair the skin. Topical retinol can work to help repair collagen and elastin, without causing irritation.

Side Effects of Retinol Products

While retinol face cream does carry great benefits, it can also come with several minor side effects. A very small percentage of those who use retinol face cream will experience these side effects. Those who use this type of skin treatment can experience redness of the skin or a slight burning sensation. In addition, users may be more sensitive to sunlight.

How To Apply Anti-Aging Creams: What To Do

Retinol face cream should always be applied to clean and dry skin every evening. Some doctors recommend applying it every other evening, if redness occurs with nightly use. Itís important to remember if you feel you need extra moisturizing at night, to wait until at least 30 minutes after youíve applied the retinol face cream before applying moisturizer. Most doctors will advise users of retinol face creams to cleanse their face each night, use a toner on the facial area and then apply the retinol face cream. They will suggest waiting until the morning hours to exfoliate, if necessary. This is to avoid the possibility of the exfoliating process irritating the skin before the application of retinol products.

The Overall Consensus on Retinol

Using retinol face creams can help prevent the signs of skin aging like wrinkles, age spots and other discoloration.† It can also help prevent over time. While very powerful, retinol has shown to be very safe. However, women who are pregnant or nursing should not use retinol products, as they may cause birth defects.

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