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How to Prevent Stretch Marks
During Pregnancy or Weight Gain

Causes of Stretch Marks

When women are going through pregnancy, they often experience stretch marks on their stomachs and hip areas. However, being pregnant is not the only way you can get stretch marks. In addition to pregnancy, rapid weight loss or gain can cause the skin to go into a state of shock. Both men and women can suffer with stretch marks, as a result. Many times as the breast area expands during puberty, teen girls will get stretch marks on their breasts. While working out throughout each trimester and controlling overall weight gain even when un-pregnant can help prevent stretch marks, puberty related stretch marks are difficult to control.

Dealing with stretch marks is not physically painful or bothersome however it can be emotionally trying. As summer arrives, many women might be wondering how they can prevent more stretch marks from appearing. If you’re pregnant, chances are you are watching for a stretch mark to appear, doing everything you can in the meantime to prevent them. 

Using Lotions, Creams & Oil Preventions For Stretch Marks

One of the oldest prevention solutions women use for stretch marks is cocoa butter. Many women start using cocoa butter lotion on their stomach areas the day they find out they’re pregnant. By massaging cocoa butter into the abdomen area before stretch marks appear or even after they are present, the appearance of stretch marks may be diminished. Other skin experts ask their patients to rub Vitamin E oil on the areas most prone to stretch marks after showering. Treatments from companies like La Roche are also quite popular with expecting mothers and those who are prone to stretch marks.

Eat Your Way to Less Stretch Marks

To prevent stretch marks in a natural way, patients may want to look at their diet. Foods high in Vitamina A, E and C can be very beneficial to preventing stretch marks. These important vitamins can be taken from the food you eat or via a supplement. Be warned: if you’re pregnant be sure to avoid too much Vitamin A. Foods high in Zinc and Silica can also be great for the skin and include beets, brown rice, bell peppers, soybeans, leafy green vegetables and whole grains.

Foods rich with essential fatty acids (vegetables, vegetable oils and fish oils) are also helpful with the task of preventing the appearance of stretch marks. These foods help with skin elasticity and collagen growth when paired with a diet where the patient tries to avoid high sugary foods. Losing weight slowly while also participating in weight or strength training can be helpful when avoiding stretch marks as well.

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