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5 Makeup Tips for Natural Redheads:
Use Makeup Colors to Flatter Your Auburn Hair

If you are part of the small population of people that were born as a natural redhead, then you can consider yourself special, since less than 2% of the US population has naturally red hair! However, you may find that many of the common cosmetics tips may not truly apply in your case. Redhead makeup techniques and colors are slightly different than other hair and skin color combinations. Here are five red head makeup tips that will help you learn how to accentuate your natural and distinct beauty:

  1. Care for your complexion. Red heads often have very fair skin, often with freckles. This makes them very susceptible to sun damage. Protect your skin and your milky white complexion by using plenty of sunscreen every single day (SPF of 30 or greater at all times, even when it’s cloudy out!) and avoiding unnecessary sun exposure. Red heads with fair skin tend to burn very easily, and too much sun can also lead to more freckles, as well as leathery skin and wrinkles.

  2. Choose the right foundation. For natural red heads with freckles, using a sheer foundation to even out the skin tone is important. When you try too hard to cover the freckles, it is often obvious and appears unnatural. Instead, use concealer to cover any especially dark spots, blemishes or redness after you smooth out the tone with a sheer foundation. You can add a touch of bronzer on the bridge of your nose and across your forehead for a beautiful glow, without looking overly made-up.

  3. Highlight your eyes. Because redheads often have very light brows and lashes, eye makeup is a must for accentuating natural beauty of the eyes. Red hair comes in a very wide variety of shades—while blondes and brunettes seem to have only a few shades, red heads are almost all unique! Those with auburn and strawberry blonde hair colors may find that without eye makeup they have a very “washed out” look. With the right eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara, a beautiful and natural look can be achieved. Light brown and brownish-black eyeliner and mascara looks very nice. For eye shadows, most red heads should opt for neutrals, such as brownish peach blends. While this sounds boring, consider tones like chestnut and terra cotta to bring out the best in your eyes. If you happen to have green eyes, as many redheads do, shades of purple and violet can be fun for evening.

  4. Red hair, not red lipstick. When choosing lipstick, most redheads should generally steer clear of the pinks and reds, with the exception of those warmer reds like brick red or copper reds. Instead, opt for corals and brownish neutrals. For a super striking look, experiment with shades of lavender that go with your skin tone.

  5. Choose natural looking blush colors. Blush should also fall into the peachy, coral, brownish tones for the best look. Pinks can give a clownish look to many natural red heads and mistakes like these should typically be avoided!

Red hair is unusual and unique, and is an increasingly popular look. Many people choose to dye their hair in shades of red to get the same beauty and fashion excitement that natural redheads experience. Because of their special look, redhead makeup tips are somewhat different than those typically followed by blondes and brunettes. Draw the right attention to your natural beauty by choosing the colors and techniques that accentuate your beautiful features.

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