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8 Quick Beauty Tips for When You Wake Up Late

There's not a woman on the planet who hasn't experienced what it's like to wake up late, knowing she only has a few minutes to make herself look great before walking out of the door. Learning how to apply a quick beauty fix or two is an important lesson all women should know!
  1. Quick Hair Fix
    It’s always great to have a few quick hair fixes in mind for days when you don’t have time to fully clean and dry your hair. One of the best products on the market for those who feel their hair looks a little greasy is dry shampoo. You can get this in several forms, such as powder or spray product. The spray products are less messy and simply require you to spray a little bit on the roots of your hair to soak up excess oil. You then brush your hair as style as usual.
  2. The Messy Look Advantage
    Another great thing to have on hand when you’re running late and need a quick hair solution is hair accessories. A sleek ponytail, secured with a trendy clip can be perfect for a day at the office or a “messy” bun updo might be great for a meeting with clients.
  3. Fix Under Eye Puffiness
    If you’ve had a rough night of partying with friends or crying over a broken relationship, you may notice your eyes are red and puffy when you wake. To remedy this, place a silver spoon in the fridge right after you wake up. Allow it to sit in there while you fix your hair and get dressed. Then, before putting on your makeup, place the cool spoons under your eyes to help reduce the puffiness.
  4. Wake Up Skin
    Another way to instantly improve the appearance of tired skin is to splash a little cold water on your face upon waking. This will not only wake your skin up, but will also wake you up.
  5. Get Rid of Eye Redness
    You can also use eye drops to help take the redness out of eyes, which are so easy to use, they can even be applied in the elevator on your way up to your office!
  6. Do Your Makeup Faster Tricks
    Fast makeup tips and tricks are vital to know for mornings where you’ve overslept. While you might usually take fifteen minutes to apply your makeup, you can get a great look in five minutes or less by skipping a few steps. First, if you use a foundation with a built in moisturizer, you’re automatically saving yourself time by allowing yourself to skip the moisturizing step, without compromising the health of your facial skin. Then, all you need to do is sweep on a little blush, a little eyeshadow highlighter, black mascara and lip gloss.
  7. Fresh Breath “To Go”
    Sure, it only takes two minutes to give your teeth a proper brushing. However, if you’re extremely short on time, you can always choose to skip this important step. Obviously, you don’t want to enter a meeting with morning breath. To fix this problem and leave your breath always smelling fresh, be sure to stow away a package of Wisp mini toothbrushes in your purse. These toothbrushes have built in mint power and can help you clean your teeth on the way to work.
  8. A Shower Alternative to Smell Your Best
    When you wake up late, showering is rarely an option. But, every lady wants to smell fresh! Instead of hitting the shower and wasting precious time you could be spending to stop for that morning latte your body desperately needs, keep some baby wipes on hand. You can give yourself a “once over” with the wipes and be fresh and clean in no time.

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