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How to Choose a Prom Dress or
Formal Gown to Compliment Your Personal Style

They say the high school years are the best years of your life. Football games, time with friends, and formal dances are just a few of the highlights that will make lasting memories. But of course Prom is THE one event you can’t miss. It’s the story from high school that inevitably the grandchildren hear about. But where did it come from? What makes it so special?

The History Behind Prom

The Prom was believed to have originated in the U.S. in the 1920’s in the Deep South. Girls would take short and heavily chaperoned “promenades” around the block with their dates. Of course they were dressed formally and out of respect, the southern gentlemen would give his date a flower (corsage). The details have changed slightly over the years; the attire, the dancing, and certainly the chaperones, but one thing remains the focus. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DRESS. Every girl wants to dress up from head to toe and feel like royalty on prom night. Even if they aren’t Prom Queen, they can look like one with the right gown, hairstyle and make-up.

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Look and Feel Beautiful With the Right Dress Style

Sexy formal wear doesn’t have to mean tiny formal wear. It’s amazing the choices of styles and sizes that are available for teens today. The junior's department that once carried a handful of sizes now accommodates a large spectrum of sizes and styles for many young women looking for that perfect prom dress. From discount, to ultra expensive designer, any girl can take the dress that is right for her physique and make it shine. Specifically, Sydney’s Closet carries only plus size formal wear in sizes 14-44. They have an excellent selection of ball gowns, vintage dresses, A-line, halter and sheath designs, as well as dresses with sleeves.

Ball gowns are the most formal and true to the Prom of the 20’s, with a wide skirt and layers of tulle and crinoline over taffeta. It creates a soft feminine, hourglass effect that emulates royalty and grace. For a sleeker, sexier choice, the sheath or mermaid style gown shows off a woman’s curves and gives her that Marilyn Monroe look. (This fashion statement is highlighted even more when she adds long gloves to complete the overall look.)

Halter prom dresses are a flattering style.

A halter neckline deemphasizes a larger bosom while at the same time accentuates the bare shoulders. For a more modest look, finding a dress with either a short or a longer sleeve can be tasteful and elegant. A traditional garment such as this will not only make you feel comfortable, but it is absolutely timeless.

Where to find vintage prom dresses.

The ever increasingly popularity of vintage gowns is uniquely fun and fashionable. The side benefit of a vintage dress is that it is often less expensive than other styles and brand new gowns. This benefit is a real big size plus for the budget conscious. You can find many at dresses and gowns at eBay.com. Matching your unique personality and sense of fashion to finding a dress is the fun part. Plan ahead, and spend lots of time shopping around until you are completely satisfied.

Preparing and planning a fun prom night.

For a little boost, PromGirl.com gives you the latest in dresses, accessories, hairstyle and makeup. You can “ask fashion girl” any questions you have via email and they give great advice on how to find cheap deals for all things prom. They also offer great beauty tips and tricks to help make you look your very best on prom night. They also offer tips and suggestions of fun things to do pre-prom, during the dance, and post-prom to make it memorable! By the way, getting drunk and pregnant are definitely not on the list. Have fun, be smart, and be safe.

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