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Doís & Doníts of Choosing
Plus Size Fashions & Clothing Styles

DO use layers to your advantage.

If you want to create the illusion of a longer torso, using a layer technique is your perfect solution. Start by wearing a fitted long tank or tee, then layer a sweater or jacket over it, in a size larger than the first piece you chose. You can also layer multiple tanks and tees together, to get the same illusion. Just be sure the bottom piece is longer than the top piece or else your efforts will be wasted, since you wonít be able to see the underneath layer.

DO visit the petite or tall sections.

Depending on your height, if you are shorter or taller than average this will help you find better fitting clothing.. If youíre under 5í3, thereís a great reason to suspect you should do all of your shopping in the petite section of stores. Plus size women often think petite is only for slim people, but itís also for shorter ladies. Shopping petite sections when youíre short is important because of the way the clothes are made to fit. When you wear clothing with a proper inseam or shoulder seam, youíll visually look smaller and will have an overall flattering result. Be sure to keep in mind what shoes you might wear with outfits, as well, when trying on petite or tall clothing.

DO visit specialty stores like Lane Bryant

Looking in specialty stores, like Lane Bryant, for your clothing needs and to learn what to look for in terms of fashion trends. Few designers know everyday plus size fashion like those who work for the Lane Bryant Company. The brand is well respected in both the fashion industry and the consumer world, due to the offerings of comfortable and stylish clothing for todayís voluptuous beauties.

DO dress to accentuate your best features.

While some plus size ladies simply want to disguise their entire body or hide under a shapeless frock, itís important you play up your best features. By playing up your best features, you can detract attention away from the feature youíd rather not highlight. For example, if you feel your full bust is a great feature, itís perfectly fine to wear a blouse that shows a little cleavage. It can detract from your lower body, if you dislike your hips and thighs. However, always be sure you play up your best features with class and dignity. Donít go overboard or youíll only end up looking trashy!

DO look for clothing thatís tailored to fit.

Instead of hiding your body under a dress with absolutely no shape, be daring and choose a dress with darting and style. When you pick shapeless clothing that hangs on you and creates a rectangle box from your neck to your ankles, youíre visually adding twenty pounds to your appearance. Instead, avoid the shapeless pieces and opt for clothing that cinches at the smallest part of your waist (most often right under your bust) and highlights your bodyís best features.

DON'T wear clothing that hugs or clings to your body.

The trick to finding clothing that fits is to select pieces that skim your body, but donít hug your body. This can be a little difficult to grasp but after you try on a few outfits with this in mind, youíll get the picture quickly. Things like spandex and Lycra arenít typically flattering on any lady, despite her size. So, you should certainly avoid items made from them that might hug every lump and curve youíre trying to hide. Sure, they might be comfortable but theyíre also extremely unflattering!

DON'T wear clothing and fabrics with teeny tiny patterns.

Whether you are drawn to a tiny printed shirt or skirt, stay away! Small print on any area of the body draws attention to the area in a very negative way, making your visual appearance much larger than it is in reality. They are simply not flattering on ladies of any size!

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