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5 Lip Makeup Tricks to Make Your Pout Appear Naturally Larger

For years women have been trying to figure out ways to make their lips appear large, full and lush. Although determining how long your lips will be firm, has a lot to do with aging, genetics and your collagen levels, there are currently many lip makeup products on the market to help you get the lips you desire! Use these helpful lip makeup tricks and tips to learn how to turn your thin lips into a sexy pout.

  1. Choose the Right Lip Color
    You can get fuller looking lips in an instant when you apply the right shade of lipstick. Sure, it's completely temporary but it is a natural way to make your pout plump!  To accomplish this, be sure to choose lipsticks in bright shades of pinks or nudes. Be sure to steer clear of dark shades, fiery reds or deep berries. While they can certainly make your teeth look whiter, they will only make your lips look thinner.

  2. Pump Up the Lip Shine
    Another easy way to use cosmetics to help you get the appearance of plumper lips is to use lip gloss. You can choose to apply it right over your lipstick, or choose a colored gloss to use instead of lipstick. The newer gloss formulas from name brands like Sephora are long lasting, as well. If you use it with traditional lipstick, be sure to add a dab of gloss to the center of your bottom lip to get the most dramatic effect.

  3. Ran Out of Lip Gloss?
    If you don't have any lip gloss around, you can always choose to use a little shimmering eye shadow or facial highlighter to help plump your lips up. Just dab a very small amount on the center of the bottom lip and you'll get a similar result!

  4. Lip Liner to Enhance Your Natural Lip Line
    Many women today choose not to use lip liner, but it can be a very handy tool to have on hand if you want to boost the appearance of your lips. Lip liner can actually help you extend the appearance of your lips. Simply use foundation to camouflage the top of your natural lip lines and use the lip liner to draw new lip lines. Be sure you do this in a subtle way, so you won't end up looking like a clown. It's best to use neutral colored lip liner when taking on this task, as well. When trying this trick, be sure you're in natural light so you can see what you're doing and always use long lasting lipstick because there's nothing more embarrassing than the lipstick wearing off and your unnatural lip line showing through.

  5. Lip Plumping Products: A Temporary Fix
    There are thousands of lip plumping products on the market, today which leads many women to wonder if they really work or not. You can find lip plumpers in glosses, balms, sticks, gels or lipsticks. Most often they contain things like cinnamon, ginger mint, wintergreen or capsicum (hot pepper compound). These things can naturally increase blood flow to the lips and make them swell mildly. Most will last for a few hours, but the affects can vary greatly from product to product. Dermatologists say they are fairly safe, as long as they aren't overused. If overused, they can cause dryness and scaling on the lip area which is much more unappealing than thin lips.

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