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10 Petite Dressing & Clothing
Tips for Women with Small Body Frames

Petite women come in as many different sizes as average or tall women. The term petite refers mainly to the height of a woman, and generally refers to women who are 5’4” or less. This doesn’t always mean “small,” however, and petites come in all sizes, from 0 to plus sizes. Dressing appropriately for your body type and personal style is important for all women. Accentuating your positive body attributes while minimizing trouble spots is a universal condition when it comes to women’s fashion! And, it is not as simple as putting on a pair of high heels to be taller, though that can help! Focus on flattering styles. Here are 10 tips for showing the world that good things come in small packages: .

Top 10 Tips for Dressing a Petite Figure

  1. Dress in One Color: Monochromatic color schemes can elongate a body and give the illusion of height. Sharp contrasts in colors will accentuate “sections” of the body, making them appear shorter. One piece dresses, two piece suits and blouses and pants that are the same color will create a longer look for the petite woman.

  2. Avoid belts or cinched waists. Petite women often have higher waistlines than average-proportion women. Wearing a belt will accentuate a short torso and may give the petite woman a “chunky” appearance, even if they have a slender build.

  3. Watch the Size of Patterns. Large print or bold patterns may also not look as flattering when the clothing is cut to a smaller proportion. Stick to simple patterns with finer detail, rather than the larger or bright floral looks.

  4. Accessorize appropriately. Be confident with wearing bold accessories, like wonderful necklaces and earrings, but opt for a classy choice when possible. Steer clear of oversized handbags that look like you could fit inside, if you are particularly tiny.

  5. Choose Comfort Over Shoe Height: When it comes to choosing shoes, you do not need to wear uncomfortable spiked heels to be taller. Choose comfortable shoes that complement your outfit. In general, petite women should avoid wearing flat shoes, as pants and skirts may fall better and look more flattering with at least a low heel.

  6. Avoid horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes can give you a longer look, while horizontal stripes will give a shorter appearance.

  7. Wear well fitting clothing. Avoid baggy or boxy looks, or it may appear that you are wearing clothes that are too big for you.

  8. A V-shaped neckline can draw attention upward, focusing on your face and upper body. Wearing crew necked blouses or tops can make you look shorter.

  9. Avoid bulky materials or clothing. Too much bulk will give you a heavier appearance and make you look shorter. Instead, choose flowing fabrics that are more flattering.

  10. Skip the mini skirts, when choosing skirts or dresses. This look is more flattering on women with long, slender legs and will accentuate the shorter legs of a petite woman.
Finding fashionable and flattering styles at any height is possible. The key to dressing a petite figure is the same as for any other type of figure, accentuate your strengths and minimize problem areas. When you dress appropriately for your body type and personal style, you will give yourself a better shape and appearance, and therefore, feel more confident and be more successful.

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