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Petite Styles & Fashions:
5 Tip on What to Wear, What to Avoid

When it comes to petite fashion, there are many do’s and don’ts. While a taller ladies might be able to wear clothing in a very lackadaisical way, those who are petite should take fashion advice to heart and avoid certain fashion don’ts so their clothes are always flattering. Dressing a petite frame is all about adding the illusion of height and less overall bulk.

If you’re one of the millions of petite women in the world who need fashion tips on learning how to dress short legs or a small stature, use these beauty tips to help you get the best look every day!

Trick #1 Dress In One Color

If you want to create an illusion that you’re taller than you actually are, you can quickly do so by dressing all in one color, from your blouse to your shoes. If you want dramatic results, even be sure your tights or hosiery are of the same color. This will instantly give you the illusion of being taller and if you choose dark colors like black, charcoal, navy or purple you can even get a slimming effect at the same time.

Trick #2 Choose A Fitted Style

Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 22, if you’re petite you will look best if you wear fitted clothing. The term “fitted” doesn’t mean tight. It simply means clothes which are tacked to accentuate your small areas and give you room in the bigger areas. A fitted shirt under a fitted jacket can make you look sleeker and taller. Be sure you don’t wear heavy fabrics, because they can add bulk to your torso area and make you look heavier than you are. Fashion lines from well known brands like Ann Taylor are the perfect places to begin when looking for petite fitted clothing.

Trick #3 Forgo The Mini

If you’re under 5’3 it can be very risky for you to wear a mini skirt, as they typically will make your legs look shorter and chunky. Most mini skirts fall across the thickest part of a petite woman’s thigh, making your legs look less slim. Instead, choose a calf length pencil skirt with heels that will give you an instant visual height boost.

Trick #4 Straight Leg Pants

To make your legs look slimmer and longer, be sure you always opt for straight leg pants. Pick pants with no bulky pockets, cuffs or pleats, as well.

Trick #5 Layer, Layer, Layer

If you feel pretty comfortable with the rules of what to wear on a petite body frame and you want to take your fashion knowledge even further, you can experiment with layers. By wearing a bust length sweater over a small pattern dress you can instantly make your torso look longer, giving your visual line added height. In addition, by trying something simple like layering a shorter tank under a long tank, you can get visually height. Just be careful with layers with casual clothing, because if you’re an older lady you can end up looking inappropriately girlish.

Overall, learning how to dress a petite body is a lot about trial and error. Be sure to examine your outfit closely to see if it does anything to make you look slimmer and taller or if it seems to make you look short and stubby. After careful examination and using these rules, you’ll be on the best track to dressing your petite body in the most flattering way possible!

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