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4 Great Pants Shapes & Styles Tips:
Finding a Flattering Fit for Any Woman’s Figure

With cooler weather right around the corner, finding the perfect pants is becoming more important than ever before. Whether you’re a full figured woman in need of plus size pants or just looking for a way to flatter your legs, there are a few “pant tips” that will help you get the most flattering pants on the rack!

#1. Get The Right Slacks Cut and Style

When it comes to finding the most flattering styles of pants, the cut of the fabric is an important area to focus on. Although each body type should focus on a specific cut of jeans or pants, there are a few cuts that will work for almost anyone. The “boot cut” trousers are ideal for many women and can be worn nicely by people with most body shapes. Boot cut pants flare slightly at the ankle, helping to create a more proportionate body visual line. Things to stay away from if you want your pants to flatter your lower half are pleats and high waist bottoms because they don’t work well on many body types. Look for mid-rise or even low rise pants (not ultra-low rise) for the best look.

#2. Choose the Right Pant Fabrics and Materials

When choosing pants, do you most often go by touch alone? Many women choose their clothing by texture and only purchase things that appeal to their senses when they touch them. While you should always stay comfortable, fashion is not all about soft fabrics. For example, no one would likely wear denim if they went on touch alone! Modern designers understand the importance of bringing comfort into fashion and are now creating adorable pants in knit blends. Most often these comfortable options are best worn in casual environments, but some of the more expensive blends (or often higher-end discount brands like Target or JJill) can be appropriately worn to work as well.

#3. Choose Pants Length Carefully

When you think of your pants, you don’t have to be trapped in thinking all pants must skim the middle area of your shoe. Not all pants must be long! Short pants are quite popular and are being made in more feminine styles than ever before. Women are wearing them on casually and even choosing elegant styles for more formal events. Unless you are stuck with a specific uniform at work, you can even get away with wearing dressy capris or cargos!

#4. Size Matters: Forget What the Tag Says

While we all get excited when we can button the pants we wore in high school, wearing pants that barely button is never a good idea! When you’re shopping, be honest with yourself. Even though you may be able to squeeze yourself into that smaller size, finding a good fit is much more important than the number on the pant label. Women know their pants are the right size when the clothing item doesn’t cling to their body, but instead skims it. When you sit, your pants should not bunch up tightly. When you’re standing, they should not pucker around your thighs or buttocks area. Finding the right size is probably the most important aspect of scoring the most flattering pants on the shelf!

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