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Organic Makeup Products:
Differences of Eco-Friendly Cosmetics & Traditional

As we see our world being destroyed by pollutants which cause disease and destruction of animal habitats, we are slowly beginning to focus more on making eco friendly choices. One way we can make our daily lives “green” is to begin using organic makeup. This choice will not only make your skin more youthful and attractive, it can also prevent you from purchasing a product toxic to the environment or aiding in animal cruelty.

Ingredients You Won't Find in Organic Makeup

When searching for organic makeup you want to ensure the products are safe for sensitive skin and have no parabens, petroleums, gluten or other synthetic ingredients. These chemicals should be avoided! They can cause harmful reactions including rashes, headaches, cancer and brain damage. Skin care products which are synthetic often contain compounds like mercury, lead, formaldehyde and petroleum. These artificial products can create serious and harmful reactions, especially for those with sensitive skin.

The best tip in skin care is to use products which are certified organic, such as those from companies like Lavera, Saffron Rouge and Vegan. Every cosmetic you can think of can be found in an organic product. From blush to lipstick, organic products are available!  

The products available in organic forms include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Eyeliner
  • Blush
  • Lipstick
  • Lotion/creams
  • Soap/body wash/ shampoo

Organic Beauty Products Only Use Natural Fragrances vs. Chemical Scents

These items often contain no preservatives, colorants, dyes or perfumes. It may be surprising to know the fifth largest allergen in the world is fragrance. Products with fragrance can cause headaches, rashes and more. Instead of using products with harmful ingredients, look for organic makeup containing pure organic plant oils, herbs, flower extracts and essential oils.

Some Mineral Makeups Contain Harmful Chemicals

Do not be fooled by products simply stating they are “mineral makeup” and therefore assume they’re safe for your body. Many mineral makeup products contain a powder form of titanium dioxide which when inhaled can cause effects such as those experienced by asbestos exposure and even lung cancer. Titanium dioxide is safe when used in creams, preventing inhalation.

Other ingredients to watch for include propylene glycol and diproylene glycol, which are odorless and colorless. These ingredients are simple fragrance carriers and are safe and often found in skin care products. You are also likely to see dimethicone which is a silicone based polymer found in bodily care products. It is an anti foaming agent, skin protectant and conditioning agent. It is non-toxic, non flammable and inert or having little to no ability to react. Silicone is another popular ingredient in cosmetics and is ubiquitous in the earth, making it safe for bodily use.

Eco Friendly Ingredients Matter: Start Reading Product Labels

When you are looking for natural cosmetics or other skin care products, it’s important to pay attention to ingredients. As we become more aware of the products we use and how they affect our world, we must take action to choose the healthiest products. You can begin making your life more eco friendly today!

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