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Mineral Makeup Benefits:
Natural Coverage Even Sensitive & Darker Skin Enjoy

How Application of Mineral Makeup is a Little Different

Mineral makeup is the latest in the trend in cosmetics toward the simple, all natural and elegant. Mineral base makeup is made with pure minerals rather than fillers and colors, and it comes in powder, liquid or cream versions. The powder makeup is applied with big, fluffy brushes (mineral makeup specific brushes are important): the brush is dabbed into the powder, then the excess is tapped off and the brush is then applied gently to the face. Start by putting on less than you think you'll need: you'll be surprised at how well the minerals cover. Mineral powder makeup is so finely spun that it's easy to overdo it; putting on too much is a hazard of novice users. But once you get a little experience, you probably won't want to go back to ordinary makeup. Mineral foundation is weightless, and somehow manages to provide coverage while looking invisible. What you get is the look as soon on TV, soft focus but not blurry.

Mineral Cosmetics are Great for Sensitive Skin Types and Conditions

Mineral make up is the best cosmetic for women with acne, rosacea or other skin conditions, not only because you can control the coverage by adding thin layers, but because the ingredients are non-comedogenic and inert, less likely to cause reactions. People with allergies can use mineral makeup, and reviews of the various brands consistently mention how easy it is to apply and how wonderfully it camouflages imperfections. African Americans and other ethnic women are delighted to discover that, unlike many other make-up brands which ignore skin colors that don't fall into the narrow range of Caucasian shades, mineral make-up companies are creating makeup that blends beautifully with every skin tone.

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Get a Fresh, All-Natural Look With Mineral Makeup

The all-natural look is extremely hot right now.  The major problem with that trend is that most people just don’t look that great without some sort of makeup.  Minor flaws, and sometimes more problematic issues like rosacea or acne interfere with the “natural look.” Mineral makeup is a solution that offers women of all skin types and colors a fresh, all-natural look that does not appear to be “overly made-up.”  Ordinary makeup adds colors, fillers, and weight to your skin.  Mineral makeup is weightless and invisible, and covers your minor flaws beautifully—making your skin appear younger and smoother instantly.  Because it’s made with pure minerals, you’ll find you need to use less—getting closer to that all-natural look you’re striving to achieve!   Whether you’re trying to smooth out some minor imperfections or avoid using makeup that clogs your pores or causes a reaction, mineral makeup can do the trick.

Find a better way to get the all-natural look you’ve been searching for, no matter what your skin tone is!


Skin Has a Natural Healthy Glow & Texture Improvement with Mineral Based Ingredients

For basic skin care, add mineral foundation to your regime: many women have noticed that simply using the makeup contributes to their skin's health. They say their pores look smaller, blemishes or roughness that had been caused by unknown allergies to other makeup products disappear and in general their skin looks better after having used the minerals for awhile, even when they aren't wearing makeup. Mineral makeup doesn't contain talc (a known irritant), other fillers, weird chemicals or added colors. Mineral cosmetics do contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, both minerals that provide sunscreen protection. Companies like About Face, Bare Essentials, Sheer Cover and Bare Minerals are providing women with cosmetics that actually improve the skin while improving the day to day look of the skin.

Give it a Try: Find a Deal on a Sample or Trial Version

Mineral makeup isn't cheap, so if you aren't sure what shade works best on your skin, try to get a sample size to take home and try in different lights. Some companies like Bare Escentuals and Loreal have store counters where you can try different shades, but unless the light in the store is similar to the light you work and live under, you may find you get home with a shade that doesn't complement your skin. You may want to purchase two shades; one lighter and one darker, for contouring or mixing. For lightweight coverage, you'll probably just need a foundation color and maybe a blush: for heavier coverage, choose a mineral concealer to apply before or after the foundation. If you're used to buying inexpensive liquid or cream makeup, you may be shocked at the cost of a good mineral makeup, but it takes awhile to go through it. Most mineral makeup wearers find that it's completely worth the price.

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