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Medical Makeup:
Improve Appearance or Conceal Birthmarks and Scars

If you suffer with acne, age spots, scars, a birthmark, rosacea, vitiligo, stretchmarks, uneven skin tone or other skin challenges, you may have been searching for years for a way to cover up your problem. You likely switch from brand to brand, hoping the appearance of your skin will improve with each new cosmetic product on the market. While you may get enough results to keep you somewhat satisfied, chances are you’re still looking for the miracle product. Medical makeup now offers everyone the opportunity to have the appearance of flawless skin.

What is medical makeup?

By definition, medical makeup is cosmetics which help conceal or correct skin imperfections. Imperfections like acne, scars, age spots, tattoos and rosacea often need high coverage makeup and medical makeup is one option dermatologists often recommend to patients. This type of makeup is most often designed by doctors and can include powders, eyeliner, foundations or concealers with special high coverage formulas. The formulas are heavier in pigmentation and consistency than most popular makeup products.

Where can medical makeup be applied?

Patients can use medical makeup on both the face and the body. Since people experience skin problems like scars, stretchmarks, birthmarks, hyperpigmentation, melasma, age spots, tattoos, rosacea, acne or spider vein problems on areas other than the face, this treatment is quite versatile and effective. This type of makeup can provide all day coverage and users are unlikely to notice fading throughout the day.

Does medical makeup do more than simply conceal or give someone a makeover?

Many formulas of medical makeup not only work to conceal skin imperfections but also work to help the skin’s condition overall. Some brands, like CoverBlend has Polyhydroxy Acid Gluconolactone which can help with fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, many of the medical makeup products comes with sun protective abilities. Thus, medical makeup comes with anti-aging benefits as well as skin perfecting benefits.

Are there more permanent forms or medical makeup?

Yes. Sometimes doctors include paramedical procedures as part of medical makeup. These procedures are more permanent forms of medical makeup. They can include procedures such as tattooed makeup, tattooed eye brows (for chemotherapy patients) and other more permanent procedures.

What are paramedical procedures?

Many experts classify medical makeup under the processes of medical micropigmentation or paramedical procedures. This is the group of processes which deals with the camouflaging of skin disorders, discoloration or skin imperfections caused by surgery or accidents. Popular and more permanent corrective options can include reconstruction breast surgery patients who want their areola areas or their nipple areas reconstructed, those who suffer with a cleft lip, burn victims and other scar victims who wish to find a more permanent way to conceal their skin problems. Of course, this type of medical or plastic surgery treatment comes with more risks and should be done by a professional surgeon.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on traditional cosmetics which never give you the coverage you need or the results you desire, medical makeup can give you a fresh look. Whether you are seeking to hide a dark tattoo during your wedding, to conceal a birthmark on your face or body, to cover acne or to hide varicose veins, medical makeup can be a great solution. Medical makeup can give you back the confidence you need and provide you with a brand new face!

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