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10 Pros and Cons of Wearing Makeup to the Gym

There are many pros and cons of wearing makeup to the gym. Use these tips to figure out how to decide which option is best for you!

The Pros:

  1. Feel Self Confident
    Let’s face it. Going to the gym when you’re not in great shape can be intimidating. It can make you feel less than confident, as well, which is why wearing makeup to the gym might be a good idea for some ladies. The more confident you feel going to the gym, the more likely you will be to return, day after day for your workout.

  2. Look Great While You Work on Looking Great
    While you may be at the gym to get in shape and burn the holiday weight you just keep adding to each year, the truth is you probably love looking great while you’re there working on your fitness. Many women refuse to go to the grocery store without makeup, so why should the gym be any different? In fact, if you’re single the gym can be a great place to meet other singles, which makes it even more appealing to wear makeup to the gym!

  1. Sneak In Your Workout
    Some women choose to engage in wearing gym makeup because they’re sneaking a workout in during the middle of their day. Many women use their lunch break to hit the gym or come to the gym right after work, which leaves no time to wipe the day off their face before they hit the treadmill.

  2. Quick Beauty Rebound
    You may not be sneaking in a workout at lunch, but if you’re planning to hit the gym on the way to a date you may be able to save yourself a little time by wearing makeup to the gym. Perhaps you just want to get a little weight lifting in before your date and don’t plan on doing any cardio. You can finish your workout, shower off without washing your face or hair and be ready to go straight to your date!

  3. Moisturize Dry Skin
    Some ladies wear moisturizing foundation with oil control, which can actually be helpful in a gym situation. If you are prone to breakouts due to excess oil, working out can make your skin even oilier. However, with an oil control foundation, you may not experience this problem at all.

The Possible Cons of Wearing Makeup at the Gym:

  1. Clog Your Pores:
    While some dermatologists argue there is no reason to think makeup at the gym would cause you any acne grief, others are quick to state that refusing to go to the gym with a bare face and clean skin is asking for trouble. When you’re working out, your makeup can certainly clog your pores and start to seep deep within your facial skin areas, causing possible acne in the future.

  2. Sweating It Off
    One main reason for not wearing makeup to the gym is because it can seriously be a waste of time and money. Many women will sweat their makeup right off during their workout, which essentially makes applying it beforehand a waste of precious time and products.

  3. Keeps You Feeling Hot
    Millions of women wear less makeup in the summer months for a reason. They feel as if makeup makes them feel hotter and in hot weather, it can have a very smothering effect. Thus, the same exact effect can become a reality in the gym. If you wear makeup to the gym, you could end up feeling much hotter than if you’d not worn any.

  4. Makeup On Towels
    You go to the gym to sweat, right? Well, if you’re wearing a full face of makeup, chances are you’ll be wiping it off with your standard white gym towel. Sure, you want to look sexy at the gym, but you may appear to be even less attractive if you’re carrying around a towel full of wiped off makeup.

  5. Smudged Raccoon Eyes
    Even if choose to wear eye makeup to the gym, chances are you’re going to end up looking like you have a smudge of mascara here and a smear of eye shadow there. Unless your eye makeup is waterproof, there is really no way to prevent this from happening, so it may be in your best interest to avoid wearing eye makeup to the gym. Instead, go with a natural look and use only concealer or another quick moisturizing foundation if you can’t go without makeup. Many cosmetics brands like Bare Minerals and Sephora have these useful beauty products.

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