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Taming Your Long Hair into Beautiful Locks:
Styles, Cuts, Washing Care & Salon Products

Long hair can be sexy and fashionable when taken care of. However, keeping long hair styles healthy takes more than routine shampoo and conditioner applications. While long hair care doesn’t need to take loads of time, it’s important for your overall hair health. Most people understand proper nutrition and vitamins can help your hair stay healthy. However, there are also a few beauty techniques that can show you how to keep your long locks away from split ends and tangles.

Washing Your Long Hair Doesn’t Need To Be a Hassle

The number one mistake women make when it comes to their hair is over-washing. Sure, you may feel like your hair should always be clean. You may be a lady who feels the urge to shampoo on a daily basis. The good news is you can keep your hair clean, without using shampoo daily. If you must “wash” your hair daily, do so without shampoo. Either opt for a water-only wash, or opt for using conditioner only if your hair is dry or damaged. However, shampoo should only be applied every other day (at the maximum). Your hair will be shiny and silkier than ever before!

How to Protect and Care for Your Hair at Night

Many women find long hair annoying when they sleep. They often throw their hair up into a ponytail or a tight bun, just to get it out of their face during the night. This can be damaging to long hair. Bedtime hair routines should start with combing or brushing. After all tangles are out, arrange your hair into a loose braid. Tie your braid off with accessories made specifically for fine hair because they won’t cause your hair follicles to break. Sure, an old fashion rubber band can be used on your hair. But, it’s certainly an accessory you should avoid if at all possible. If you’d like, you can even wrap your hair in a silk scarf to keep it smooth and natural throughout the night.

Long Hair Still Needs To Be Salon Styled Cut

Another major mistake women make with long hair is avoiding the salon. In fact, many women only venture to the stylist if they need a products or a formal updo. Although you may want to keep your length, to avoid split ends you will need to have a trim. Small cuts can help your hair retain its best shape and natural volume. This is particularly important if your hair is thick or curly. If you learn how to accessorize with clips you can stretch your trims to about 12 weeks. However, trims are ultimately necessary!

Long Hair Care: Don’t Overdo It With Heat

When you have long hair, you understand the time it takes to get it dry. Sure, a blow dryer may seem like the most obvious tool to use for this task. However, the amount of heat you need to dry long hair completely can damage your hair. Think about allowing your hair to air-dry for about 20 minutes after washing it. Then you can attack it with the hair dryer. It will cut down on your drying time and the amount of heat exposure your hair gets.

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