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Top 5 Tips for How to Minimize a Large Chest

Whether you’re plus size with a large chest or just need a dress to minimize a large chest, finding one can be extremely challenging. Sure, being voluptuous can be sexy and curves are often welcomed by men but trying to find a dress that’s not too revealing can be difficult. Even modest cut clothing can seem too risqué when you’re dealing with a big bust. If you’re a large busted woman who needs a few tips on how to make your chest appear smaller, use these five suggestions to help you out.

A Full Figure Minimizing Bra

The first way to minimize a large chest is to start with a good quality minimizing bra. Be sure to choose a bra with extra support for your breasts, which means you’ll want to look for one with wide straps to start. Many bras come in minimizing styles, which automatically help you with the challenge at hand before you even start putting on clothes. Check with your local lingerie store or plus size clothing store to see what they offer in your size. Not only will these bras help you minimize your bust but they are often more comfortable and give you less back pain too.

Flatter Your Top Half with Different Clothing Style Options

Sometimes the type of clothing you choose can make your bust appear bigger or smaller. While it’s not really changing the size of your bust, it can visually change your appearance which can be very helpful. Halter dresses and shirts can help add extra support to your bust area, which can help to minimize the appearance of your bust area. Boat neck shirts can make your chest look wider, however. Shirts that button down the front are most flattering, but can be difficult to find in sizes that fit large busts (the buttons shouldn’t gap). However, many plus size stores offer them so be on the lookout!  You may need to choose a large size to flatter and fit your bust and alter the rest of the garment to fit.

Even Yourself Out

If you’re an apple or cone shape, you might not only want to minimize your bust but also even out your overall body shape, visually. Trying to balance your figure with fashion can be difficult but when done effectively it can visually take up to twenty pounds off of your body. To make your upper body look slimmer and smaller, be sure to use things like belts to help hug the smallest part of your waist and create an illusion of having an hour glass shape. This will help balance your upper area with your lower area which can in turn help minimize the appearance of your chest.

What To Avoid in Dressing a Larger Bust Line

Women who are trying to minimize their bust should never wear horizontal stripe pattern clothing on their upper body areas. The stripes will only make the breasts appear even larger. Overall, prints should be kept on the bottom areas of the body only, with solid colors (most likely dark colors) kept on the top half of the body.

How To Use Accessories to Balance “the Girls”

If you need a quick fix to hide your cleavage, quickly grab a few helpful accessories. A scarf or wrap can be an easy way to cover up your chest and minimize the appearance of your bust. Capes are great for cooler weather, as well. While it’s not recommended for any women to feel the need to “hide” her body, these accessory tips can help out in a pinch.

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