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What to Wear for a Job Interview:
Appropriate Outfits & Grooming for First Impressions

Congrats! You have a job interview scheduled, your resume edited and printed out and now all you need to do is find an outfit that is sure to make an excellent first impression. While some people don’t give much thought to what they wear on a first job interview, the truth is how you initially appear to the hiring manager in the first few seconds upon your meeting can make or break your chances of having a career with the company. If you want to be sure you dress in the most appropriate manner, use these job interview attire tips and advice to learn how!

Proper Grooming is A Must: Hair & Nails

The first thing you need to worry about when dressing for a job interview is not necessarily what you’re wearing but how you look. Be sure your hair is neat, clean and tidy. If you are a woman applying for a business job and have long hair, pin it up. Most people don’t feel flowing hair is appropriate on ladies in a business environment. Something as simple as pinning up your hair can allow the hiring manager to take you more seriously as a business woman. Don’t forget to also consider your nails. Most hiring managers will be looking at your hands when you shake hands, as you meet. So be sure your manicure is fresh and your nails are painted with a neutral polish. Your first appearance can be everything so prepare for it!

Dress Code Considerations: It's Better to Be Over-Dressed!

When you’re dressing for the interview, think about a few things. First, consider the dress code of the current employees and try to mimic it without falling under it. In fact, it’s best to always dress a little sharper than current employees without going overboard. A classic suit is often a great choice for any business or office job. Of course, even if there are uniforms for those who are employed, try to dress your best for an interview. There are very few managers complaining when a potential employee is overdressed.

How To Use Accessories: Keep it Classic and Simple

For the most appropriate interview style, be sure not to overdo it on accessories. Unless you are applying for a fashion industry job you’ll want to stick to minimal accessories. Perhaps a single necklace, small earrings and your wedding rings might do the outfit justice. If you tend to overdo it with accessories, think about putting on what you think looks good and then always taking off at least one jewelry piece before leaving the house. On another note, while a nice watch can certainly compliment a business look, if you have a habit of glancing at your watch when you get nervous be sure to leave it off during the interview. Otherwise, you’ll simply look as if you don’t want to be there or don’t have time to invest in the interviewing process. Either way, you won’t look professional and you won’t get the job.

What Fashions To Avoid for an Interview

Under no circumstances should you ever wear any type of clothing which may expose your body unnecessarily. Conservative clothing is a must during any type of job interview. Even if you feel those who work at the office dress less conservative, it’s always best to err in the side of conservation when dressing for a job interview. Never wear mini skirts, tight fitting or low cut blouses or heels you can’t comfortable walk in (for women). Simple, closed-toed, heels that less than two inches in height are best.

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