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Upgrade Your Inner Beauty:
5 Types of Beauty to Work on that Arenít on the Outside

Often we focus so intently on creating a beautiful outer physical image that we neglect our inner self beauty. However, to be fully happy and healthy, itís important we not only feel beautiful on the outside, but also feel beautiful on the inside. Use these tips to help enhance your own natural inner beauty.

#1. Increase Compassion by Volunteering Locally
Engaging in philanthropy via a local charity will not only help society, but will also help you find peace and beauty within yourself. There is great beauty in humbling yourself by helping others. While you may argue that you are financially generous to many charities, to help foster your inner beauty, itís important you actually take an active part in volunteering, as well. Some examples of volunteering your time might include engaging in a community volunteering activity with your church, gathering a group of friends to give free manicures at the local retirement home or even choosing to serve food at your local food bank.

#2. Gain Inner Peace Daily Meditation
Exercise and meditation are the keys to relaxation and great health. When youíre working on inner beauty traits and want to get past the false idea that outer beauty is all that matters, meditation can be a great tool. If you know nothing about it, donít fret. Just start by sitting in a quiet room for ten minutes each day. It can be your office, your bedroom or even your car. Close your eyes, relax every muscle in your body, and clear your mind. This simply exercise will help you think clearer, react more logically and will help you in your inner beauty growth.

#3. Nurture What Inspires You: Start A New Hobby
When trying to find inner beauty and happiness, think about all of the things you love or the things youíd love to try. Then choose one youíve never tried before and give it a whirl! By starting a new hobby, youíll expand your horizons and tap into inner beauty and strength you may not even realize you possess.

#4. Spread Your Wisdom & Mentor Someone
One of the best ways to offer yourself to others in service is by becoming a mentor. There are many types of mentors. Whether it is a professional mentor or simply a personal mentor and support system, when you offer yourself as an inspiration to others, itís a beautiful thing. When you inspire someone else to be a better person or to try new things, your generosity and love will not go unnoticed or unrewarded.

#5. Be Present & Enjoy What You Have
Youíve probably heard those involved in life coaching say itís important to ďBe PresentĒ in relationships. One way you can grow as a person and work on your inner beauty is to do just that. Life flies by each day so quickly, we often pass our dearest loved ones in the hall so frantically we donít even hear the answers when we ask them about their day or whatís on their mind. While they are spilling their souls to us, weíre often thinking about the ten things we have to cook, clean or make before bedtime. However, our relationships are a vital part of who we are and can help us find inner beauty growth. So, practice stopping and actually listening to those around you. Be present by clearing your mind and focusing on them each day, appreciating who they are and what is on their mind.

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