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Fashion Tips for Hourglass Figures:
3 Tips on How to Dress to Flatter Your Figure

If you’re one of the few women of the world who is blessed with a hourglass figure even Marilyn Monroe would have been envious of, consider yourself lucky! While your femininely curvy shape is guaranteed to draw attention from every direction, you may find yourself with the challenge of dressing in a flattering way.

Use these tips to learn how to dress a hourglass figure in the most flattering way possible!

1. Don’t Hide Your Voluptuous Curves

First and foremost, when choosing clothing, don’t ever try to hide your shape. The biggest mistake ladies with hour glass figures make is to try to camouflage their shape by wearing clothes far too big for them. Forget about buying a huge t-shirt to cover your shapely bust or a shapeless dress that doesn’t show off your curvy hips! When you wear clothes without tailored shapes, you end up visually adding poundage to your body and essentially you can make yourself look as if you weight is 20 to 30 pounds more than you actually is. Be sure you look for pieces that your body shapes won’t get lost in, but pieces that will highlight the curves in the best possible way. Of course, if you’re a mature woman, be sure you’re choosing age appropriate pieces that don’t show off too much skin!

2. Accentuate Your Waist

Most ladies with a hourglass figure have a small waist, in comparison to their bust width and hip width. Thus, it’s important for them to choose clothing items that can accentuate the smallness of their waist. Look for fashion pieces with belts that wrap around the smallest part of your waist, for the most flattering look. Pencil skirts with a waistband that sits higher on a small waist are very flattering for hour glass figured women. In addition, empire style dresses are the perfect solution for ladies who would rather disguise a curvy lower half, just a bit. The cut of an empire dress naturally highlights a small waist, gives attention to a full bust and conceals a larger lower body area.

3. Balance Your Body

To make the most of your curves and ensure no sex appeal is at loss in the process, the smartest thing for a hourglass figured female to do is balance her body with style choices. To do this, It’s important to choose tailored pieces of clothing. Opt for clothing with clear cut lines, instead of clothing that clings to your body or hangs without shape. You want clothing to skim the body, not hug it. Another nice way to do this is by highlighting one area of the body at a time. For example, if you’re wearing a form fitted skirt, you may want to wear a less revealing blouse that works to accentuate your waist but not your bust area. If you’re choosing a flowing skirt, you can then choose to wear a more form fitting shirt, to show off your upper body curves in the best light.

Unfortunately, hourglass figured ladies can’t always jump on each new trend train arriving to town. It’s important for them to follow their own body shape style rules and forgo any new trend that goes against these, to get the most flattering look each time they dress. Remember, accentuate the waist, pick tailored styles and balance your body with each outfit to get the most flattering look on a hourglass body type!

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