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Dressing to Hide a Larger Tummy Area:
Flatter Your Apple Shape with The Right Clothes!

Are you an apple body shaped girl who is constantly trying to find great clothes to hide your tummy? If so, you’re not alone. Whether you’re plus size or average, your belly can be causing you problems and finding clothes to camouflage it can be a challenge. While working out and weight loss might be a long term solution, learning how to dress to hide tummy bulges can be easy. Use these tips to help you figure out which fashion tricks work best for your body.

Disguise Tummy Bulges With Spanx

If you want to hide your tummy under a form fitting dress or outfit, the only way to go is with body shaping underwear like Spanx. These comfortable pieces of under garments will help you shape your body into the smooth shape you desire. They can be a little expensive but are well worth the price, as they can be worn everyday if you wish.

Choose Colors Wisely

If you’re trying to play down your tummy, be sure you choose your colors carefully for your lower half clothing. Forget completely about wearing light colors, as they will only show off your bulge. Instead, choose dark colors on pants with wide waistbands or bright prints. While it’s not a great idea to wear prints when you also have large thighs, if you have small thighs to go with your belly woes, you can pull it off. The pattern will hide your bulge.

How To Accentuate Your Waist

One way to draw attention away from your tummy is to accentuate your waist. To do this, choose a dress with beading or other eye catching features sewn on it where it hits under your bust. This will draw the eye to the smallest part of your body and make your tummy less noticeable.

If you want to hide your tummy in a swim suit, you can also accentuate your waist by tying a lovely wrap around your mid-section and hiding the lower tummy area.

Flattering Dress Shape Options

One of the most flattering dress shapes to consider when you want to hide your tummy is the empire waist cut. This shape can easily offer you a comfortable flowing style that doesn’t hug the waist or tummy at all. The only down side is some people feel as if they’re wearing maternity clothes when they wear empire waists. But, they certainly do the trick of hiding the belly, comfortably.

Another great choice includes an A-line dress which cinches a bit at the waist (or under the bust line) but then creates an “A” shape down your body in the skirt. This option doesn’t give as much hiding room as the empire waist and is more fitted. However, it still can conceal belly bulge.

For casual wear, consider hiding the stomach bulge with broomstick skirts. These skirts are long, flowing and rarely go out of style. They are great in the summer with t-shirts, tanks, sandals or flip flops.

Age Appropriate Style Choices

While empire waists might be a trend that works well with hiding belly bulge, it’s really a trend only younger women should attempt to pull off. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking much older than you or looking as if you’re wearing a nightgown. Mature women should simply skip the empire waist trend altogether.

Of course, be sure just because you’re an older women you aren’t wearing your pants too high on your waist. This will cause your tummy to immediately look much larger than it should. By wearing your pants at your belly button, you’ll be giving your body the best chance of looking slim and trim.

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