Health & Beauty Tips: Whiter Teeth, Women's Health & Stress

Discover natural beauty tips for health issues that may affect your outer beauty. Chapped lips, whiter teeth, stress, allergies and tanning in the sun are just some health issues that can affect how we look on the outside. Get advice on how to resolve and remedy these types of beauty problems with proper care, home remedies and beauty products.

Women's Health

8 Eco-Friendly Changes to Your Beauty Routine
Learn about simple changes your can make to make your beauty, skin and makeup routine better for the environment.

Self Breast Exam Techniques for Women
Find out how to perform monthly self breast exams; learn about techniques to help with screening and early detection of lumps, changes or cancer.

Screening for Skin Cancer: Identifying Suspicious Moles and Spots
Find out about different types of skin cancer; learn how to identify suspicious moles and spots that may be symptoms of basal or squamous cell carcinoma.

Tanning Beds: Health Effects and Risks of UV Rays
Discover the effects of UV rays and indoor tanning beds; tips to avoid skin cancer and wrinkles.

Do you have a nickel allergy?
Does wearing certain jewelry cause a allergic skin rash?

About 15% of the population is allergic to nickel, which is an element found in many types of jewelry. Learn how to identify this allergic reaction and how to avoid it.

Safety and Self Defense Tips for Women
Discover helpful safety tips that ever women should know to protect herself in a dangerous or unexpected situation. The right self defense moves, personal security products and a little safety common sense can save your life.

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Mouth Care

Top Flossing Tips to Improve Your Teeth Health & Beauty
Learn the biggest benefit of flossing and how to best floss your teeth for a healthy, white.

White Teeth: Dentist Office vs. Home Whitening Treatments
Find out about white teeth; compare options and products for safe effective tooth bleaching at home and the dentist

5 Smile Beauty Tips: Get Whiter, Healthier Teeth at Home
Learn about proper tooth care at home that will help you teeth stay white and healthy between visits to the dentist.

Causes, Cures and Prevention of Canker Sores
Find out causes, cures and how to prevent canker sores; learn about natural home treatment and remedy for mouth ulcers and oral mucosa lesions.

Relief For Cold Sore Blisters on the Mouth
Get relief from the pain of oral cold sore blisters; learn how to prevent, heal and avoid spread during contagious outbreaks.

Healing Treatments for Dry, Chapped Lips
Dry, cracked lips are painful; learn the best remedies or natural treatments for healing.

Natural Bad Breath Remedies & Halitosis Prevention
Learn about common cause of bad breath and what on-the-go fresh breath solutions you can keep in your purse.

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Get These 4 Beauty Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep
Discover the beauty and health benefits of getting proper sleep every night. Improved mood, skin tone and warding off signs of aging can all be achieved with beauty sleep.

Simple 7 Tips for Getting a Better Night's Sleep
Learn about tips for getting better sleep; develop rituals and routines to help with night comfort; find out effects of mattress, pillow and body position.

7 Most Common Causes for Insomnia
Learn the common causes for sleepless nights and how to avoid them

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3 Ways to Counteract the Effects of Stress on Your Beauty
Learn how to avoid the effects of stress on beauty; get ideas on how to fight and counteract aging and physical problems such as dull hair, pain, and chronic skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema.

6 Easy Ways to Manage Your Daily Stress and Relax
Learn how to unwind at the end of the day with these simple relaxation tips that will wash away your daily stress.

Make These 6 Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Stress
Everyone gets busy, however, there simple lifestyle changes you can make to have less stress in your life.

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