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Got a Rounder Face?
Best Hairstyles for Fuller or Plus Size Faces

If you’ve been blessed with a beautiful round face, chances are you’re constantly trying to find a hairstyle to complement its shape. A great round face hairstyle is important because some hairstyles can make a plus size face look even fuller. In fact, a great cut can highlight your best features and even slim the shape of your face.  On the downside, a bad haircut can make you look heavier in the face than you actually are. Use these tips as a starting point when talking to your hairdresser about what you should do with your hair next!

layer and waves flatter a round face
Layers and waves compliment a circle face.

partial updo for a round face
Partial updo vs full updo flatter a round face.

don't go shorter than chin length
Longer than chin length hair flatters fuller faces.

heavy bangs elongate a round face
Heavy, thick bangs and longer hair help elongate a round face.

Waves And Layers Slim the Face

If your hair is long, you can instantly slim the shape of your face by wearing it wavy or by adding long layers. The long layers will distract from the fullness of your face and will draw attention to your beautiful hair. In addition, wavy layers are extremely popular right now. If your hair is naturally wavy, simply wash it, towel dry it a bit and allow it to dry without assistance the rest of the way. You can use your hand to do a scrunching technique on it, to help the waves set in. If you don’t have natural waves, simply make your own with a big barreled curling iron.

Wearing Your Hair In An Partial Updo

Slicking your hair back off of your face might be a big mistake if you’re a lady with a round face. By slicking the hair back or pulling it back tight, you can visually add pounds to your appearance. Instead of pulling all of your hair back off your face, when you have a round face you should leave a little hanging down on each side. This will allow you to sport a fancy updo without it overemphasizing the round shape of your face.

Length of Cut: No Shorter Than Chin Length is Best

If you want to slim the look of your round face, always be sure to leave your hair longer than your chin. While short bob cuts are extremely chic right now, they are not right for ladies with round faces because they will add visual weight to the cheeks. Of course, you can get a long bob that sits at least an inch below the chin. Whether you wear it curly or straight, just be sure the type of cut you choose falls to your chin or longer!

Bangs Might Work? Get a Stylist Opinion

If you don’t like the idea of leaving your forehead naked, bangs can flatter your facial features. However, they must be done properly. Ask for heavy, thick bangs in graphic curved shapes. Thin bangs will only bring out the flaws in your face, which unfortunately everyone has. It’s a great idea to bring a photo of what you’d like with you to the salon, so the stylist will know exactly what you’d like to try.

If you do have a round face, don’t fret! You’re one of the only people who should be wearing long hair, as it elongates your face but would make an oval face look abnormally long. Just use these beauty fashion tips to come up with ideas to share with your stylist on your next hair visit. If you still aren’t sure what to do, just wear your hair in a medium length, with layers. It’s a fool-proof hairstyle for round faces that works perfectly every time

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