Hair Care Beauty Tips: Cuts, Treatments and Styling Advice

Beautiful, shiny hair is a part of almost every woman and teen's natural beauty. Having the right haircut, style and dye color that flatters your face shape and skin tone can take your hairstyle to the next level of beauty.

These hair care tips will help you learn about different salon hair techniques & cuts, as well as at home treatments to help repair damaged or problem hair textures.

Hair Cut Advice

Thick Hairstyles: Style and Cut Tips and Techniques
Find ideas for thick hair styles; get tips and techniques for straight and wavy locks or long, short and medium layers; learn how to do updo or pony tail to highlight the face.

4 Hairstyle Tips and Techniques for Thin or Fine Hair
Discover tips for thin hair styles; learn about products and techniques for long, short or medium locks and find out how to get flattering looks.

Finding and Choosing the Right Hair Stylist
Get information about choosing a hairstylist and salon; get ideas for finding local beauty service with training and experience that match your personal style needs.

Layers: What Works With Your Face Shape and Hair Type
Discover hair layers for oval, round, heart, square and long face shapes; get tips for how to flatter straight, thin, thick, curly or wavy styles.

Thinking About Bangs?: Tips & Cuts For Different Face Shapes
Discover whether bangs are right for your face and hair cut; learn about different styles and how to flatter round, oval, heart, or square shape.

Hairstyle Tips for a Round Face
Learn how to flatter your round face with a hairstyle; get tips for long, short, thick, thin, heavy, straight, chin length and medium types of cut.

Choosing a Hair Cut that Matches Your Face Shape
Your face shape plays a big part in what type of hair cut you should get. The right hair cut can bring out your best facial features and detract from the features you dislike.

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Hair Styling Tips

7 Best Hair Drying Tips for a Smooth, Salon Like Blow Out
Read the easy step-by-step blow drying procedure with 7 tips to help you get a salon quality smooth finish at home

Best 7 Winter Hair Care Tips: Protecting Hair from Cold Weather Damage
Learn how to care for your hair in the winter months including styling tips, washing routines and controlling static and frizz.

Best 6 Hair Care Tips to Reduce Oily, Greasy Hair
Description: Discover our best 6 hair care tips to prevent oily, greasy hair with the right shampoo, conditioner and styling procedures.

Best 6 Hair Care Tips for Shiny Hair
Discover our best hair care tips for making hair shiny and glimmer at its best. Learn about deep conditioning treatments, natural washes and at home hair masks.

5 Styling Quick Fix Tips for a Bad Hair Day
Discover how to fix a bad hair day; learn the quick remedy for frizz, oily bangs, or humidity by using a clip, updo, hat or ponytail if you are late.

Grow Longer Hair: 5 Tips for How to Have Healthier Long Hair
Discover how to grow hair; find tips for how to get healthy hair that is long; learn about products, shampoo, nutrition and gentle styles for best results.

Classy Hair Styles For Mature Women: How to Change Your Hair As You Get Older
Find out about the best hair styles for aging or mature women; get tips for how to use cut, color, highlights, and products for a classy look at any age.

Big Ears? Find Hairstyles to Hide Them
Learn about hair styles that disguise or cover big ears; discover how to hide large or cupped lobes with layers, short cuts, volume and products.

Hair Parting: How to Flatter Your Face Shape
Find out about hair parting; learn how to use center, middle and side styles and techniques to flatter your face shape, cut and length.

Increase Hair Volume: Styling Tips and Techniques
Find out how to increase hair volume; learn styling tips and techniques for long, short and medium length; get products for more natural bounce.

Long hair: Washing, combing, and brushing techniques for different styles
Learn the best techniques for washing, combing, and brushing long hair; styles that need special products and techniques.

Help & Tips for Naturally Curly Hair Styles
Find out how to keep your curly hair looking naturally beautiful, get tips and hairstyle ideas for the best products and styles.

Home and Salon Hair Straightening Methods
If you have curly or wavy hair there has probably been many times in your life when you wished for straight hair. Now a days there are many ways at home or in a professional salon to get sleek, shiny straight hair permanently or temporarily.

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Hair Damage and Fixes

Fix a Bad Haircut: Recutting, Products and Accessories to Help
Learn how to fix a bad haircut; undo uneven bangs, cowlick chop or too short style dilemmas; find products like gels and hairspray to help while you grow out.

Bad Hair Dye: Tips for Repairing Wrong Results
Get tips for how to repair bad hair dye job; learn how to get professional results from tint, grey covering, henna, bleach and toner products and prevent brassy or cheap effects.

Protecting Hair: Prevent Damage From Hair Dryer or Flat Iron
Learn about protecting hair from heat damage that comes from your blow dryer or flat iron; get tips for how to style and use beauty products that prevent problems.

Hair Loss in Women: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention of Thinning Hair
Learn about hair loss in women, find out causes, treatment, and prevention solutions for balding.

Dandruff Prevention: Causes and Best Natural Treatments
Learn how to best shampoo your hair and scalp for prevention of dry scalp, itchy dandruff.

Facts for Restoring Chlorine Damaged Hair
Conquer chlorine-damaged hair with facts and tips on repairing treatments making your hair resistant to chemically destroying liquids.

Preventing & Repairing Damaged Hair at Home
Discover easy at home and over the counter treatments that will help battle the affects of dry, damaged hair. Also, learn about the many common causes for this poor hair condition.

How to Prevent Split Ends with Proper Hair Care
Spilt ends will ruin almost any hair style. Learn what cause this hair damage, how to prevent it and various solutions for correcting it.

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Hair Coloring Tips

7 Tips for Coloring Gray Hair & Covering Silver Roots
Luckily, graying hair is an easy beauty dilemma to solve with the many hair coloring options available. Get tips on how to deal with roots, how to best color patches of gray hair and more.

Home Hair Color Tips and Techniques
Learn tips for how to use home hair color products for inexpensive salon results; get ideas for choosing and applying natural highlights.

Choosing the Right Hair Dye Color
The right hair color can really take your style to the next level. Different colors will suit different skin tones, eye color and eyebrow colors.

Different Types of Hair Coloring Dyes
There are three main types of hair color: temporary; semi-permanent, and permanent. Different types are used according to how long you want the dye to last and how often you plan to color your hair.

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Hair Styling Tools

Hair Brush Tips: Choosing Brushes on Styling Needs & Hair Types
Get information about choosing a hairbrush for thick, thin, brittle or wet hair; find out how to use professional, paddle, thermal, synthetic, boar bristles, or round hair brush for best results.

Tips for Choosing the Best Blow Dryer
Discover the differences that are important when choosing a blow dryer; learn what is best for long, curly or smooth hair styles and types as well as attachments and features.

How to Choose a the Best Flat Iron for Your Hair
Discover 4 different things you must consider before purchasing you next flat iron including heat settings and iron material

Blow Dryers: Hot Tips & Salon Styles
Discover tips for how using a hair dryer or blow dryer can give you professional salon styles.

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Hair Treatments and Products

Natural and Organic Shampoo for Any Hair Type

Get information about organic shampoo with natural ingredients for any hair type; natural products that help frizzy, curly, dry, or oily manes.

Homemade Hair Treatments:
Add Shine, Cleanse, and Condition with at Home Products

Discover how to use every day products for washing hair; wash hair with mayonnaise, with dish soap, even with extra virgin olive oil!.

How to Get Believable Wigs
Get information about choosing believable wigs that are natural appearing; find tips for best long or short synthetic hairpieces with styles to match your facial shape.

Hair Extensions: Temporary or Permanent Hairstyles
Learn how to have different lengths and hairstyles using temporary or permanent hair extensions; get tips for safe products that will not cause damage.

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